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The Friday Five | What's in my makeup bag??? July 14, 2017 15:08

The Makeup Edit | 

I like to fill my bag with a mixture of high priced items paired with drug store prices. To me there are great drug store products to save money on then you can splurge on those must have name brand ones! 

This weeks friday five is my top 5 aka 6 essentials for makeup this summer! 

1 | Shiseido Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector ~ $42 | Sephora 

I recently started using this product just in time for summer. Since I have freckles I always like to use a tinted moisturizer that is not too thick. This is one is super light weight, oil free + has SPF 43! 

2 | Maybelline Fit Me Concealer ~ $10 | Shoppers Drug Mart

I started using this product after I using the NARS concealer and was after a cheaper option. I am very happy with the light weight feel + coverage of the Fit Me Concealer. 

3 | Hello Flawless Benefit Powder ~ $44 | Sephora

I love this powder! It is the perfect amount of coverage for me. Hello Flawless is lightweight while still giving me an overall even look. 

 4 | Maybelline Master Strobing Stick ~ $11 | Shoppers Drug Mart 

I love a good highlighting strobing stick, especially in the summer! I always put it on the bridge of my nose, under my eye brows + cheeks bones over my bronzer to create the perfect glow! 

5 | Covergirl Lashblast Fusion in black/brown ~ $9.99 | Shoppers Drug Mart

Mascara is another thing I always buy at drug store price. I have tried name brand ones before and to me I would rather save my money. I love this covergirl one in the black/brown because of my blue eyes having that little bit of brown makes my eyes stand out more. 

6 | Bene Balm by Benefit ~ $24 | Sephora 

Lipstick is something that while I do like the look of it when I have it on I can never keep up with it through out the day. That's why I am always into a tinted balm which feels like your wearing chapstick and doesn't give you the dried out look. I love this one from Benefit in the Rose colour it really completes an easy breezy summer face! 

For me it is all about a quick + easy face and all of the above do the trick! 

Have a great weekend everyone. 

xoxo Sarah

The Friday Five | Did someone say girls night??? July 07, 2017 00:00

Girls Night Edit | 

This weeks friday five is about the 5 components for the perfect girls night outfit! 

1 | The Romper

Easy peasy top + bottom in one! 

1 | Corbett Romper ~ $125 | aritzia.com

2 | Cold Shoulder Romper ~ $61.21 | shop.nordstrom.com

3 | River Island Palm Print Romper ~ $50.95 | asos.com

2 | sandals or mules 

4 | Borewiel ~ $22.49 (ON SALE) | callitspring.com

5 | Freda Slide Sandal ~ $122.11 | shop.nordstrom.com

6 | Cheers Slide Sandal ~ $149.26 | shopnordstrom.com

3 | dewy summer makeup + shimmer eyes 

makeup pictures via pinterest

4 | clutch or cross body bag

7 | Satin Clutch Bag ~ $29.99 | hm.com

8 | Skinnydip Crushed Velvet Shell Bag ~ $61.14 | asos.com

9 | Baldre Shoulder Bag ~ $72 (ONSALE) | ninewest.ca

5 | summer choker + arm stack 

10 | Esmeralda Choker ~ $28.00 | earringsandstuff.com

11 | Strechy arm stack ~ $10.00 - $20.00 | earringsandstuff.com

12 | Daliah Bracelet + Flower Charm Bracelet + Handmade Wire Rings ~ $14.00 + $10.00 + $10.00 - $18.00 

13 | Alder Choker ~ $25.00 | earringsandstuff.com

Now to planning a fun night out with my ladies! Have a great weekend everyone. 

xoxo Sarah

The Friday Five | That long weekend uniform... June 30, 2017 00:00

The Long Weekend Edit | 

This weeks friday five is the 5 components for that perfect long weekend outfit! 

Now I know it is too late to shop these specific outfits in time for the weekend but that being said I know most of us have similar pieces in our closet already to pull something together.

1 | jean shorts + basic tank

1 | truly madly deeply front knotted tank ~ $34.00 | urbanoutfitters.com

2 | snoopy denim bermuda shorts ~ $19.99 (ON SALE!) | zara.com

3 | troost tank ~ $27.00 | aritzia.com 

2 | loose kimono or boyfriend button up 

4 | open kimono. chelsea28 ~ $73.20 (ON SALE) | shop.nordstrom.com

5 | relaxed pocket tunic for women ~ $17.50 (ON SALE) | oldnavy.gapcanada.ca

3 | great hat + sunnies 

6 | adwall hat ~ $36.00 (ON SALE) | aritzia.com

7 | chambray denim baseball hat ~ $17.00 | grapcanada.ca

8 | polarised sunglasses ~ $19.99 | hm.com

9 | quay australia paradiso cat eye sunnies ~ $68.54 | shopnordstrom.com

4 | flat sandals or slip on sneakers 

10 | thirenia flat sandal ~ $17.99 (ON SALE + MULTIPLE COLOURS) | callitspring.com

11 | perf suede slip-on ~ $85.00 | vans.ca

5 | chokers + delicates + ring stack

12 | aztec choker set ~ $20.00 (ON SALE) | earringsandstuff.com

13 | alder choker ~ $25.00 | earringsandstuff.com

14 | cadence v necklace ~ $24.00 | earringsandstuff.com

15 | boho ring stack ~ $22.00 | earringsandstuff.com

I hope everyone has a fabulous long weekend filled with all the summer feels!

xoxo Sarah 

The Friday Five | Summer Loading..... June 23, 2017 00:00

The Tropical Edit | 

And just like that summer is here.. finally!! What better way to get into the season than inserting fun into your wardrobe with the tropical print. Here are my top 5 pics for this fun pattern! 

1 | Urban Renewal Remade Tropical Print Dress ~ $64.00 | urbanoutfitters.com

2 | Embroidered Tropical City Bag ~ $29.99 (ON SALE!) | zara.com

3 | Kevin Slide Sandal ~ Dolce Vita ~ $110.78 | shop.nordstrom.com

4 | Tropical Print Top ~ $25.99 (ON SALE) | zara.com

5 | Palm Springs Lady Length ~ $170.00 | partyskirts.com

How to accessorize with this print? You can go either way:

stick with subtle + let the pattern tell the story


Go glam + pair with a red lip for a night time look


Go bold + colourful and really go for it! 

Most importantly have fun with it....it's fashion not rocket science! 

xoxo Sarah

The Friday Five | The Beach is that way.... June 16, 2017 00:00

The Beach Edit | 

This weeks friday five is all about how to accessorize those beach party outfits. As the summer gears up it's all about great outdoor events. Here on the west coast nothing beats an evening at the beach watching the sun go down with a delicious beverage in your hand surrounded by your besties. 

Here are my top 5 jewelry pics to accompany that easy breezy outfit!  

1 | Stretchy Bracelets ~ $15 - $20

2 | Boho Ring Stack ~ $22

3 | Rosary Bull Necklace ~ $27

4 | Esmeralda Choker ~ $28

5 | Frye Bib + Turquoise Bib ~ $25

Here's to a great summer surrounded by great friends, sunsets and of course the most important......delicious food + drinks! 

xoxo Sarah

The Friday Five | Love is in the Air June 02, 2017 00:00

The Wedding Edit | 

Introducing the Friday Five! Every week we'll bring you our top 5 pics in regards to jewelry, fashion, whats trending or whatever else we feel like frankly. 

This week we are talking wedding season! When it comes to paring jewels with your wedding attire I gravitate towards soft coloured pieces. I love wearing pearls or clear sparkly pieces as they match the best no matter what colour dress you are wearing. The bonus is you will be able to get multiple wears out of them complimenting any dressy outfit.

Check out our top 5 pics for attending that special day. We also included some our favourite dresses! 

1 | The Flower Charm Bracelet ~ $15.00

2 | The Rose Dangles ~ $18.00

3 | The Chanel Lux Collar ~ $20.00 (ON SALE!)

4 | Gracie Necklace ~ $28.00

5 | The Ruth Studs ~ $14.00

6 | V-Neck Jersey Maxi Dress ~ $95.97 shop.nordstrom.com

7 | Leith Racer Back Shift Dress ~ $69.15 | shop.nordstrom.com

8 | Brodie One Shoulder Dress ~ $139.00 | Evernew.ca

9 | Always There For Me Navy Blue Floral Maxi Dress ~ $98 | Lulus.com

10 | Wilfred Almeida Dress ~ $145.00 | Aritzia.com

Have fun ladies + gents! Enjoy a nice glass of Rose and dance the night away. 

xoxo Sarah

from a bun in the oven to becoming a mom.... June 01, 2017 19:13 2 Comments

Hello all my jewelry loving babes!

I made it! I just past 3 weeks since having the cutest little boy! I still can’t get over I had a part in bringing this sweet little human into the world. Since giving birth and going through an intense labour journey I had this grandiose plan of writing an epic blog post. But as I sit here and try to articulate myself my baby brain is taking over so I may just do a mini photo gallery.

Without getting into too much detail 2017 started off on a not so good note with my family and my partner Geoffrey’s family as well. My dad has been fighting a battle with cancer since December and the strength he shows is nothing short of amazing. He has finished up radiation but his journey continues as everyday is still a struggle but as everyday passes he is 1 day closer to feeling better. My mom has been an amazing caregiver and their love for each other continues to inspire me.

On the other side of Geoff’s and I family unfortunately his mom fell quite sick as well since the new year and we lost her in March. Geoff being an only child we were excited for her to be a gramma with the birth of her first grandchild. We were really hoping she would make it till May to meet our little man but we know now he has a guardian angel watching over him.

On the lighter side of things on May 9th after an interesting labour which I won’t even get into Ethan Van Geoffrey Ballance entered the world! Everyone always says there is no love like the love of your own child which is 100% correct. We are relishing in all the newborn cuddles right now and I can’t believe this cute little human is all ours.

Below is a photo gallery of our maternity shoot which I never got a chance to post due to everything that was going on. Also enjoy Ethan’s photoshoot which happened at the hospital 3 days after he was born! So happy we got those first few days captured.

Wish me luck as I enter mommy hood!

xoxo Sarah

maternity shoot by Britney Gill | www.britneygill.com

baby photos by jjfamilyphotography.com

finding my mojo again.... March 01, 2017 10:22 2 Comments

Hello March | 

Oh wow so much has happened in the last couple months or so I have been quite absent from my business while also trying hard to be as present as I could be. Not to get too much into it but my dad has been having health problems for the better part of 2017 and lets just say I didn’t really feel like having anything to do with running my store. When it comes to family + health all those little things that seemed so important before just don’t seem to matter anymore! Trying to prep for the baby and finishing up with my serving job I had all these big marketing plans and goals for January but here we are beginning of March and the last 2 weeks I finally feel like ok I can get back a bit.

I am struggling with the balance of serving full time and trying to get my store to where it needs to be for me to compete in the market. I feel like I am in a weird space because I need to work as much as possible before the baby comes and I go on maternity leave but I also need a solid week to get my store spring time ready! These are things that yes a few months ago would have me stressed to the max but in my current mood I am a bit laissez-faire about it. At the end of the day I think we are the hardest on ourselves and when you work for yourself I guess the only person that suffers if you. Everyone else is going on with their day and not noticing if you haven't added new products in the last week. So my question to you guys is how do you balance work life when something emotionally major happens and makes it seem so insignificant?

On a side note as I was putting together my favourite instagrams for February I am very happy with how my feed is looking. It only took about 3 years but hey at least I figured out my secret sauce eventually! Now onto to making my website look as good as my insta feed…. I will get there I just know it! 

Thanks for always being there for me everyone + listening.

xoxo Sarah

PS. stay tuned for a new post all about the silversmith class I have been taking for the last 6 weeks! It wraps up this week + I can't wait to share some of the pieces I have made ( that being said there not the greatest... but hey you have to start somewhere?? ) 

2017 | new year + new beginnings January 05, 2017 20:45

Hello 2017!

As I sit here writing my new years blog I realize that yes I am behind but better late then never right? The holiday season for me is very busy between running Earrings + Stuff paired with serving full time at the restaurant and obviously participating in holiday parties! Being the busiest time for both businesses I was definitely run down by the end of it all! My first day spent in 2017 was at home on the couch without even leaving my apartment, it was blissful! Taking that day to unwind + unplug felt amazing! Then just a short few days later is my birthday. I turned 35 this year which I still cannot believe because I feel in my early 20’s. This upcoming year for me will bring the most change in my life as a first time mom as my due date is in May. As I look on this upcoming year I am not 100% sure what is to come but I do know that I am very excited + happy to start this next chapter. I look forward to see where my business will be and what new opportunities I will take on. This new stage in my life adds a great deal of excitement entering the unknown both in family life + career life.

So here’s to a happy + heathy 2017 everyone!

xoxo Sarah




last minute holiday looks! December 05, 2016 23:29 1 Comment

Did December all of a sudden creep up on you? And you feel like you have nothing to wear?

With party season in full swing you definitely need those go to looks that are fool proof. For me heading into the holiday season pregnant this is a must! I went on the hunt for great dresses that aren’t skin tight that I know I can throw on with black opaque tights, heels + jewels and be out the door in no time! 

Jewelry tip! Pick out jewelry that are neutral colours or clear crystals so you can sparkle without having to worry about if it matches or not. 

Here are my top looks to party in style + best yet won’t break the bank!

1 | Lace mini dress ~ $49.50 | ZARA

2 | Plush sweatshirt dress ~ $17.99 | ZARA

3 | Velvet dress ~ $39 | JOE FRESH

4 | Lace trim sweater dress ~ $29 | JOE FRESH

5 | The carrie bracelet ~ $13 + The margo bracelet ~ $20 | EARRINGS + STUFF

6 | The sparkle choker ~ $27 | EARRINGS + STUFF

7 | The sparkle choker ~ $27 + The sammi necklace ~ $30 | EARRINGS + STUFF

8 | The charm necklace ~ $30 | EARRINGS + STUFF


I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season filled with love + cheer surrounded by their loved ones. 

xoxo Sarah

Rebranding Woes November 16, 2016 20:19

my website got a face lift and it felt so good…. but then, 

I have been very busy at Earrings + Stuff working hard on rebranding my website, trying to make it perfect for y’all. I bought a theme for Shopify (my website host) which I was able to tweak to my liking. For the most part I found it user friendly but there has definitely been a few bumps in the road making me wish I had the budget to just hire someone to take care of all this tech stuff. I had it live for about a week but yesterday I had to make to executive decision to go back to my old one until the new one is perfect. There is so many things that go into making a website run fast and smoothly that in the end honestly it was driving me crazy that I could not figure it out. I have been spending so much time on this which heading into holiday season probably wasn't the smartest thing. Moving forward I have reached out to a few companies so fingers crossed it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg to get things sorted. That being said I had a very successful holiday photoshoot with one of my best friends the other day so my homepage feels fresh with all new pics.

Going through this process has made me reflect and realize how much works goes into running this shop. After grinding for the last few years I feel like I have come a long way and hoping it all starts to pay off sooner than later. I would love to be able to have a budget to spend on things that I know suck up my time. In a perfect world I would be able to hire a photographer for all stock photos, a writer for all weekly blog posts, a social media manager so then I could concentrate on buying and making rad pieces for the store. With a bigger budget I would also love to carry other brands supporting other small businesses. One can dream right? Well, here’s to the holiday season may things run smoothly and efficiently over here at Earrings + Stuff.


Email sarah@earringsandstuff.com if you have any special requests during the holidays!

Oh yah and with me getting completely side tracked with the website rebranding and my holiday shoot I totally forgot to do my 2.5K give-away on Instagram…. so that will 100% be happening this week! So stay tuned… make sure you are following me on instagram to be able to enter! @earringsandstuff



table for 3! November 07, 2016 14:47 1 Comment

Baby on board!

I am very happy to announce that my main squeeze Geoffrey and I are expecting our first child in May! After 10 years + of being the two of us I cannot wait to see what kind of munchkin we make. After the excitement of it all now comes with the reality of motherhood setting in. I have been working hard at making Earrings + Stuff successful for almost 3 years now for this very moment coming in May. To be able to work from home would be my ideal scenario. If you have been following me along for bit you know that I have been serving full time for many years, which has been the perfect career to focus my attention on my side hustle. The downside of being a server for so long means that my maternity leave is less then ideal especially living downtown in an expensive city. So now it is go time! I need to really get out there and be more aggressive in growing my brand. Starting your own business is an uphill battle that I am learning never seems to feel settled. So here is to the next 7 months of killing out there as a boss babe until my entire world gets turned up side down, for the better of course!

Hope you all follow me on my new journey! Also I am always open for any advice or tips so please fill me in on any info you know I need.



DIY | Lace Tambourine September 25, 2016 19:52

How cute are these lace tambourine's? I made them a few months back for a look book shoot + wanted to share the DIY tutorial with you guys. They are cute for wedding's, bridal + baby shower's, even a cute tea party. I saw them on pinterest, naturally and I had to make them. You can also hang them from branches with strings which gives off pure romance.

Click the link below and find out how you can make these pretty beauties!


Happy creating! 

xoxo Sarah

oh hey fall September 15, 2016 00:15 1 Comment

layering + layering + layering ~

Summer came to a complete stop in Vancouver once September started, we immediately moved right into fall not being able to show off our transitional outfits we’ve been creating in our heads. Who doesn't love a cute boho dress, booties + over sized thin army jacket? With the weather making a turn around for the next week or so here in Van the gods have listened and we can sport those summer outfits layered with great fall pieces we’ve had just waiting in our closet. Here are my top outfit choices until the weather really turns!

Here are transitional outfit sets I created in Polyvore | 

kendra scott stacking bracelets ~ $205 | NEIMANMARCUS.COM

wide brim fedora ~ $8.59 | TOPSHOP.COM

starry day denim jacket ~ $115 | HIGHHEELSSUICIDE.COM

olive cut-out booties ~ $130 | SOLESOCIETY.COM

printed chiffon dress ~ $64 | HOLLISTERCO.COM

vita fede mini titan side surf bracelet ~ $545 | BERGDORFGOODMAN.COM

shimmer couture eyes ~ JILLSTUART-BEAUTY.COM

cuissardes en cuir velours catherine ~ $1285 | BALMAIN.COM

light grey duster jacket ~ $115 | RIVERSISLAND.COM

sasha pink quilted envelope clutch ~ $33 | C21STORES.COM

lace trim cami ~ $120 | WITCHERY.COM.AU

one teaspoon hollywood bandit shorts ~ $140 | SHOPDASHONLINE.COM

long sleeved boyfriend plaid shirt ~ $43 | AEROPOSTALE.COM

jeffrey campbell cromwell booties ~ $225 | SHOPBOP.COM

deluxe wrap choker ~ $22 | MODEMUSTHAVES.COM

sincerely jules 'yes but no' tee ~ $64 | NORDSTROM.COM

one teaspoon sailor vintage ~ $95 | SUPERETTE.CO.NZ

silver satin maxi dress ~ $44 | NEWLOOK.COM

converse all star low-top leather trainers ~ $82 | SELFRIDGES.COM

j crew moto jacket ~ $720 | JCREW.COM

grey velvet backpack ~ $35 | SKINNYDIPLONDON.COM


xoxo Sarah 

My dusty rose obsession September 06, 2016 21:52

s e p t e m b e r // m o o d // b o a r d

After making my September mood board the other day I realized how much I am still crushing on dusty rose. Let's be honest it has become my new neutral. I always seem to gravitate towards pieces with the romantic hue but as the season’s progress I like it in different textures. That’s me mixing it up correct??

Here are my top dusty rose pics for fall |

The Rose All Day Cuff ~ $18 CAD | EARRINGS + STUFF

mini geo crossbody bag w/ tassels ~ $29.90 CAD | ZARA

member's only satin bomber jacket ~ $129 CAD | URBAN OUTFITTERS

slub velvet leonelle sofa ~ $2798 USD | ANTHROPOLOGIE 

fendi x puma fur slides ~ $80 USD | PUMA 

cozy texture throw ~ $59 CAD | WEST ELM 

Happy Shopping! 

xoxo Sarah

The Fall Edit August 24, 2016 14:28

My pics for Fall | 

Now I know this will be my first of a few posts leading up to fall seeing how it is one of my favourite fashion seasons, much like many other fashionistas out there. This season I will be wearing on repeat oversized outerwear paired with skinny jeans + booties. The main pieces that I am gravitating towards after snooping around the shops + online are:


1 | The oversized jean jacket ~ We have been seeing this on many of the starlets over the past month. For me I have been loving the faded black jean look on this style, I scoped one out at Top Shop the other day but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

Jean Jacket ~ Top Shop $120


2 | The oversized bomber jacket ~ Sticking with the jacket trends for fall this is another one that has been seen on lots of beauties. I am leaning towards an army green version of this one as I already am planning on getting black for the jean jacket, although classic black of the bomber you cant go wrong with either, ill get back to you on that one.

Bomber Jacket ~ asos $69.79


3 | The black booties ~ This is obviously not a new trend but a classic purchase at the beginning of every fall season. Weather worn with skinny’s or a cute dress booties are worth the investment every season. This year I am loving these ones by Jeffrey Campbell, they have cut outs on the side past the ankle bone which I love and silver metal tipped toes giving them a western feel.


Jeffrey Campbell booties ~ Nordstrom $262

Steve Madden booties ~ Nordstrom $174


4 | The Choker trend ~ Wow have we ever been seeing the choker trend everywhere which has been a nostalgic feeling for myself, seeing how I rocked this in high school like it was nobodies business. Moving forward into fall this look with take a bit more of a delicate approach, pairing delicate chained chokers with other layering pieces. The nice thing about this look is for a night out you can amp it up with a sparkly bolder choker or an antique boho choker layered with delicate chains. For day to day just keep piling on those simple pieces together, which you most likely already have in your jewelry box!

The Sparkle Choker ~ Earrings + Stuff $27

The Aztec Choker (set of 2) ~ Earrings + Stuff $35


Love you to the moon + back choker ~ Earrings + Stuff $20



Tourist in my own town.... August 10, 2016 14:02

How do you disconnect? | 


Wow the last couple weeks I have really been able to let my hair down and be a tourist in my own city. It all started a few Monday’s ago when I decided to take a break from it all by having a classic Vancouver day biking the seawall, hitting up the beach and of course taking photos. With summer in full swing it’s hard to have some me time. Serving full-time on a patio while running my online store paired with the commitments that come with summer season it was defiantly nice to turn off from it all! A quick few days after my biking day it was my mans 30th so we had a staycation for 5 days! We really killed it out there, we hit up Spanish banks a few times, socialized with friends and took a break from the grind. So now that brings me last week where I felt refocused and motivated to get back at it! Being able to reflect and realize how important it is to enjoy the little things in life is priceless. I feel as an entrepreneur this is especially crucial, the up’s and downs are enough to drive anyone crazy. No matter what success you have those moments of doubt are the worst. If everyone could try to take a day, an afternoon even 20 minutes to disconnect, breath in and take a moment guaranteed you will feel lighter with a positive vibe! Just a little food for thought for y’all. How do you guys disconnect?

Enjoy my gallery below! 

xoxo Sarah


Snapchat VS Instagram Stories August 04, 2016 15:28

Will you be using both? 

Alright so this may not be a long post but I want to know where everyone’s head is at on this whole instagram stories vs snapchat business. So I have been a fan of snapchat for a while now, I love how you can personally send snaps to people, some stuff is just meant for your bestie yah know or for your story. With instagram introducing a story feature I never know where to post my stories now. On the one hand I have more of a following on instagram but on the other hand I also like to keep it og and rock out snapchat. Not to mention the filters on snapchat are on point. I feel like I’ve been cheating on snapchat the past few days for using insta stories. Everyone else seems to be doing the same but heres my question are they snap chatting too? What a funny world we live in now where I am actually writing blog post on what story video feature to use.. lol! On that note let me know your thoughts are below on the ever changing social media world!


xoxo Sarah

Work + Travel + Work + Travel July 19, 2016 13:17

work to travel | travel to work 

Well, just like that summer is here! I also realized that I have not written a blog post in a while, guess I have been too busy living, lol! So much has been happening at Earrings + Stuff the past month. I have been travelling lots finding inspiration every step of the way but struggling with having the time to do it all. Running my own business has been quite challenging so far this summer. Like many entrepreneurs out there building my dream is my #1 but unfortunately paying the bills is also my #1. How does one find the time for everything while still getting to enjoy what life has to offer out there? I heard one of the Sharks on Shark Tank say that many entrepreneurs work 80 hours a week trying to achieve that 40 hour work week working for themselves, sounds familiar? Navigating my way through this whole work life balance has been a bit blurred lately. Running my business solo like many others out there does anyone feel like there is never enough time for everything?? From creating product, taking photos, editing, thinking of these blog posts to packaging + shipping orders, I have this constant feeling of doing everything half assed, does anyone else feel this way? I guess this post turned into a bit of therapy session for me! Shout out to all my entrepreneurs out there who my also have the same constant thoughts, you are not alone. On that note I’m out.

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far.

Xx Sarah

May Faves May 01, 2016 10:59

Hello May | 

Spring is in full effect and I am loving it! Here are all my top picks for the month. 

1 | How cute are these napkins? They add a perfect punch of colour to any dinner table | $8 Caicos Napkins ~ Anthropologie 

2 | I can't wait to do this DIY showcased by Lauren Conrad's team. I am loving succulents these days & paired with these cute painted terracotta pots is a project that can't be missed | click the link to try it out ~ http://ow.ly/4niouX

3 | Just in time for summer I made this cute boho beaded necklace. Paired here with a bikini but also looks great with a tank and jeans | $28 Earrings + Stuff

4 | Recommended by one of my good friends this matte lip stain by Sephora is the perfect colour for day and night | $14 ~ Marvelous Mauve

5 | Another recommendation from a girlfriend apparently you will not be able to put it down. Can't wait to pick this book up | $13 ~ The Glass Castle ~ Amazon 

6 | How cute is this Swan Floatie? Made popular last summer but still a great addition to any pool party. Seen here is my girlfriend floating in Palm Springs on a girls trip | $36 ~ Swan Floatie ~ Walmart

Hope everyone has time to stop and smell the roses this month! 

xoxo Sarah 

ESxTravel | Photo Blog April 28, 2016 15:47 2 Comments

Sayulita |  

After getting away for a much needed 2 week vacation I feel in love with outdoor photography. The first place I visited was Sayulita, a small surf town located around 40 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. I spent the majority of my trip there, I settled into being a beach bum quite well. The town is great, between to people, the food (street meat is a must) and the relaxed lifestyle I will be back there time and time again for years to come. If you are looking for a relaxing, easy beach vacation then Sayulita is a must with many vacation homes for rent! Below is a photo gallery from the Sayulita part of my trip. Hope you enjoy! 

If you have any questions about planning a trip to Sayulita comment below! 

xoxo Sarah

Wanderlusting | Find What You Love April 11, 2016 19:04

Below is a blurb I wrote on my vacation, just never had a chance to post before I came home | 

As I sit here in a beautiful setting on a gorgeous sunny day in Sayulita I can’t help but be inspired by everything that catches my eye. I have always been addicted to wander right from when I graduated high school, so it’s no wonder this trip has ignited life into me again. The thought of going home yes makes me sad but I am ready to create and really dive into this next chapter of my business and life. I feel in love with photography again since being here. With my business I am always taking photos of jewelry inside which yes is fun but I am always trying to find the perfect light, angle , etc. Here in Sayulita surrounded by old buildings, beach and culture I have been able to click away letting the surrounding and camera do the job. In conclusion I feel refreshed, motivated and excited to continue building and growing my ultimate dream job. I will continue to live my truth of “find what you love” and I welcome you to join in as life is too short to hate your job!

Thanks for being an ear! I will be posting a collection of my photos from this magical vacation.

xoxo Sarah

April Faves April 02, 2016 21:43

Top 6 picks for April | 

There is something about April that gives me that blissful feeling. We can officially say goodbye to winter and think spring. Here are my April favourites aka The Spring Report!


1 | Add some flair to your house with fun throw pillows, this little tweak of colour will give you that spring feel | Anthropologie $78-88

2 | Nothing like adding new coffee table book to the collection. I always enjoy Lauren Conrad's books, in this book she shows us how easy it is to throw a fabulous party | Chapters $25

3 | The Selena Studs are perfect for getting you into spring! I love all the bright colours | Earrings + Stuff $13

4 | I am loving the nude lip trend this season. This one from Charlotte Tilbury "K.I.S.S.I.N.G Nude Kate" is perfect one to start with. Plus the packaging is so glam with that rose gold | Charlotte Tilbury $45.60

5 | I have a slight obsession with candles. This one "Pure White Cotton" is perfect to compliment all that spring cleaning that happens around now. Also these candles last forever, and who doesn't want their place smell like clean laundry? | Bath and Body Works $22.50

6 | You always need to snag a new pair of shades for when the sun comes out! Sunnies are the chicest way to glam up any outfit | Zara $25.90

Happy April everyone! 

xoxo Sarah

Instagram changes | My food for thought March 28, 2016 17:10

To be notified or not to be notified? That is the question | 

I am currently sitting on a beautiful beach in Sayulita (the photo above I just took a second ago) thinking about how this Instagram change will affect my business. Which is funny because I'm on holidays but I guess when you're an entrepreneur are you ever really on holidays? With Instagram changing I don't know what direction to go. I feel like half the public is promoting turn on notifications while the rest of the community is saying no. If you do turn post notifications on, then every time someone you clicked yes to posts something you get notified, which can get very annoying. So my question is what happens if people don’t turn my notifications on, will I just get lost in the abyss of Instagram or will my target audience still find me? At the end of the day when it comes to followers it is quality not quantity which I think gets forgotten most of the time. The changes are happening gradually although today it seems everyone is freaking out. This sent me into a state of panic, which also made me take a step back and reflect, does all this really matter? Going forward I will interested to see how it progresses and how everyone adapt's. Perhaps it will get rid of all the annoying spam people that are always getting you to buy followers, that would be a treat! All in all I am hopeful for it to be a positive change because at this point there is nothing we can do, as they say if you can't beat join em! 


Thanks for being an ear! Hope everyone had a great long weekend. 


Xoxo Sarah 

Trend Alert | Statement Earrings March 16, 2016 22:10

Love how dangly statement earrings are trending | 

The best part? Shop the look below and find out! 

image via OK Magazine

1 | The Cadence Drops ~ $10 ( regular $14 on sale! ) 

2 | The Diana Tassels ~ $10 ( regular $14 on sale! )

3 | The Lucy Drops ~ $13

4 | The Fern Statement ~ $7 ( regular $14 on sale! )

5 | The Regal Tassels ~ $10 ( regular $18 on sale! )

6 | The Charlotte Earrings ~ $14

7 | The Jillian Drops ~ $8 ( regular $14 on sale! )

8 | The Gatsby Drop Earrings ~ $8 ( regular $14 on sale! ) 


Go head make a statement this season! 

xoxo Sarah


Oscar's Red Carpet Roundup February 28, 2016 21:48

9 fav looks | 

1 | Margot Robbie | This plunging gold snakeskin gown is perfection in my eyes. The Tom Ford dress fits Margot impeccably! Also the floor grazing tassel on her black clutch is everything to me love ~ Tom Ford + Forever Mark Jewels

2 | Charlize Theron | Charlize looks effortless in another plunging neckline that hits the carpet. This Dior gown paired with a Harry Winston lariat necklace is pairs together beautifully ~ Dior + Harry Winston Jewels

3 | Naomi Watts | The colour on this Armani Prive strapless is very refreshing on the carpet. Of course I love the statement necklace Naomi paired with the strapless gown! The pattern of the beading on this gown is also something I was immediately drawn to ~ Armani Prive + Bulgari Jewels & Clutch


4 | Daisy Ridley | I am obsessed with the colour palette on this Chanel gown. The dusty grey gown was complimented with silver embellishments all throughout. The bracelet and ring combo she wearing by Chanel Fine Jewelry looked smashing ~ Chanel + Chanel Fine Jewelry

5 | Rooney Mara | Givenchy did not let us down with this gown. I love the cutouts paired with the texture of the fabric and lace. The slit added the perfect amount of flair in my eyes ~ Givenchy Haute Couture

6 | Saoirse Ronan | The emerald colour of this Calvin Klein dress looked fab on the red carpet. The cut was made for Saoirse which complimented her body perfectly ~ Calvin Klein + Chopard Jewelry


7 | Cate Blanchett | The seafoam colour on this mermaid style Armani Prive gown was a great match for Cate. The flower appliqués added a romantic touch to the plunging neckline ~ Armani Prive + Tiffany & Co Jewels

8 | Rachel McAdams | The train on this August Getty gown was a show stopper on the carpet. I loved how she rocked the on trend halter neckline and again the emerald green colour looks smashing ~ August Getty Atelier Gown

9 | Brie Larson | My favourite thing about this look was that belt, how fabulous! The colour on this gown paired with the softness of the fabric was also a hit in my mind ~ Gucci

xoxo Sarah

Will you be my Valentine? February 04, 2016 00:31

Need some sparkly gift ideas for that won't break the bank? Here are my top 8 pics for your Sweetheart | #Swoon 


1 | This pink charm bracelet adds a cute vintage vibe to your loved ones wrist | The Amy Bracelet ~ $14

2 | How cute are these studs? Perfect gift for any sweetie in your life | The Tickled Pink Studs ~ $11


3 | Give the gift of glam with this sparkly collar necklace | The Chanel Lux Collar ~ $30

4 | The clear quartz paired with the long silver chain makes for a easy breezy necklace that will leave any boho girl smiling | 01 ~ $25


5 | These earrings exude vintage glamour which I'm all about | The Eddie Studs ~ $15

6 | I have been crushing on these faux poofs since I got them in stock. They add the perfect amount of flair to any purse | Faux Poofs ~ $18


7 | This clear quartz wire wrapped ring is perfect for everyday wear | 04 ~ $14

8 | I love the colour on these studs. The surrounding clear gems compliment the blue colour perfectly | The Capri Studs ~ $12

Happy Shopping y'all

xoxo Sarah

*all products brought to you by Earrings and Stuff

Happy Days Ahead | February 01, 2016 16:05

Hello February!

I’m not sure about you guys but for me once February hits I can almost feel the sun on face. I know there is still potential for cold weather but the end is near which excites me. There is also something about a new month that inspires me. The last month for me was all about taking a step back and regrouping from a very busy holiday season. My goal for this month is to continue on my path of creating original content for my social media platforms. I have endless ideas bouncing around in my head and can’t wait for everyone to see them come to fruition. On that note time to get back to work. I hope everyone has a romantic month!

xoxo Sarah

Golden Globes | January 12, 2016 10:30

My top 10 pics of the night | 

1 | Kate Bosworth ~ From the moment I saw pictures of Kate on social media I was obsessed! I am dying over her Dolce & Gabbana gown, the sequins paired with the cut of the dress is perfection. Her earrings by Norman Silverman are also my everything, so fabulous. All in all favourite look of the entire evening. 

2 | Kirsten Dunst ~ There is something about this dress that I couldn't stop staring at. The neckline on this Valentino gown is something I have not seen before. I think it looks great on Kirsten, she hasn't been on the red carpet in a while so it's nice to see her in such a great dress. 

3 | Olivia Wilde ~ She looks great from head to toe in this Michael Kors dress. The cut fits her body impeccably not to mention how amazing the deep marsala colour looks. Also another amazing plunging neckline that looks great! 

4 | Katy Perry ~ I am not necessarily crazy about the fit of this Valentino dress on Katy but I am all about the dusty rose colour. Her 70's style hair is also pretty amazing! 

5 | Jennifer Lawrence ~ This Dior Couture dress is definitely a different cut then we have seen before on the red carpet. I absolutely love this look on Jennifer. The colour paired with that glitzy Chopard necklace is flawless in my eyes. 

6 | Lady Gaga ~ This is another outfit where I don't necessarily love the whole look but I am obsessed her Atelier Versace dress. The neckline paired with the hips jetting out is a vintage throwback which I enjoy. 

7 | Olivia Palermo ~ Love, love, love everything about this Delpozo dress. I am dying over the cut of this dress as well as the colour combo. You don't usually see those see this look on the red carpet but I wouldn't expect anything less from the fashion tastemaker. 

8 | Jenna Dewan-Tatum ~ This is definitely on the more fancy side then everyone else at the Golden Globes. I love the navy paired with the crystals on this Zuhair Murad gown. Also another plunging necklace that looks seamless. 

9 | Jennifer Lopez ~ I mean would we expect anything less from JLo? She is rocking a Giambattista Valli gown, Jimmy Choo heels and Harry Winston jewels. The colour of the dress paired with the strong lip and the silver accessories is flawless. I wouldn't change anything on this look. 

10 | Sofia Bush ~ This is that perfect LBD that I wish I had in my arsenal. The Narciso Rodriguez dress is definitely on the fancier side of things for everyday wear but the cut is fabulous. The simple hair paired with the sparkly necklace is great! 

So how is 2016 for everyone? January 10, 2016 17:29 1 Comment

I know I'm a week behind | 

Wow 2016 is in full force and for the first time in a while I am excited to tackle this upcoming year. I know that I am a week or two late on the resolution blog, my birthday is on January 4th so the new year for me always starts a week after everyone else. With wrapping up my second Christmas season since I have been in business I could not be any happier with the where I stand in e-commerce world. I started taking camera lessons and the outcome has been wonderful. I still have lots to learn in the photography world but in the meantime my photos are looking much better. I can’t believe how far I have come in the last 2 years from taking my first shots with my iPad. I am eagerly waiting for heaps of new stock to arrive so I can update my site going forward into spring. Yes, I said it, I am already thinking spring and summer. Right after Christmas I received my first bridal custom order for her bridesmaids which sets the stage for a successful season I’m thinking.

The other reason why I am heading into 2016 with a giant smile on my face is from a personal level. My boyfriend (which I know sounds so juvenile) are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year! Time has flown by but thinking of how much we have experienced together is really incredible. To celebrate we are travelling in Mexico for a few weeks which I am already counting down too. Also I am hoping I can pick up some unique pieces for the store.

All in all I hope everyone is having a Happy New Year so far! My resolutions for this year is to continue on the road of being positive, happy and driven. Anyone want to join me?

xoxo Sarah

Gift Guide | The Glam Girl December 09, 2015 00:42

6 gift ideas | for the sparkle lover 

1 | I mean who doesn't want a pink flask to add a little glamour to the party? | 6oz classic flask | $16 | Urban Outfitter 

2 | I love this fashion print made which is made right here in Vancouver. A great addition to any girls office or make up room | Lipstick Print | $20.60 (8 x 10) | Art Rose Prints on Etsy 

3 | These sparklers have been my favs ever since I got them in stock | The "I DO" studs | $20 | Earrings & Stuff

4 | This faux fur snood is the ultimate accessorie for any glamour girl | Faux Fur Snood | $29 | Zara

5 | This is the necklace for any girl who likes to add shine to her outfit, it's a show stopper | The Princess Necklace | $20 | Earrings & Stuff

6 | This watch set is perfect because there is a strap for every mood | Acayssa Watch ~ Changeable Straps | $35 | Aldo

Happy Shopping everyone! 

xoxo Sarah

Gift Guide | The Boho Girl December 06, 2015 14:47 1 Comment

6 gift ideas | go ahead spoil her

1 | This clutch is everything to me. I love the fringe and light cream beige colour which can take you all the way through till summer | Fringe leather clutch | $49.90 | Zara

2 | How amazing is this floor pillow? Adds a boho touch to any room | Magical thinking Adar Floor Pillow | $69 | Urban Outfitters 

3 | Inspired by the trees in Stanley Park this is the best seller from the local company | Woodlot Original Candle | $32 | ShopWoodlot.com

4 | This velvet turban looks chic for a night out or for running around the city | Colourful Velvet Turban Headband | $25.90 | Zara

5 | Blanket scarfs have been on the necks of most ladies around town. But in my opinion you can never have too many. I love the colour combo on this one | Geometric Print Scarf | $49.90 | Zara

6 | I have been crushing on this necklace ever since I go it in stock. From the beach to a night out with a great pair of jeans and heels it is the perfect addition to your necklace army | The Boho Beach Necklace | $30 | Earrings & Stuff

Happy shopping everyone! 

xo Sarah

Gift Guide | The Fashion Girl November 24, 2015 23:16

6 Gift Ideas | $40 & under

Want to have a stress free Christmas season this year? Here are my top gifts that won't break the bank! 

1 | Who doesn't want to look chic while keeping warm? The colour on this beanie is very on trend as well | Shimmer Ribbed Beanie Turban | $29 Urban Outfitters |

2 | I have been in love with these little faux fur poofs since they came on the market. You can attach it any purse to add a little style touch. | Faux Fur Poof | $19 Zara |

3 | This blush is a cult favourite with many of the beauty bloggers. My sister gifted it to me last Christmas and I have been hooked ever since! | Nars Orgasm Blush | $37 Sephora |

4 | This necklace completes any outfit giving off that vintage vibe | The Meadow Necklace | $22 Earrings & Stuff 

5 | From fashion mavens Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen any girl would swoon to get these rollers they can pop in their purse | Elizabeth and James Nirvana Mini Roller Set | $30 Sephora

6 | “The guardian of all style” ( The New York Times Magazine ) shares stories on life, love, style, and career, from Paris to New York, and inspires readers to cultivate an effortless chic that is all their own | Love x Style x Life by Garance Dore | $39 Chapter's 

Happy Shopping

xoxo Sarah


See what blouse I'm crushing on this season | October 21, 2015 16:41

Top 8 Bow Tie Blouses | 

I am loving the bow tie blouse look this season! They look chic worn with skinny’s and ankle boots or tucked into a high wasted midi skirt. Styled with a great knit or Moto jacket will give you easy breezy style. Here are some of my top pics this season! 


1 | Tie Neck Blouse | $71 | Mango.com

2 | Silk Bow Top | $310 | ToryBurch.com

3 | Melissa McCarthy 7 plus Bow Accented (printed) | $115 | LordandTaylor.com

4 | Melissa McCarthy 7 plus Bow Accented (blue) | $115 | LordandTaylor.com

5 | Take a Bow Blouse in Evergreen | $48 | chicwish.com

6 | Stretch Silk Tie Blouse | $385 | ToryBurch.com

The Neck Blouse | $39 | JoeFresh.com

Printed Blouse | $69 | Zara.com




10 Knits I'm Crushing on | October 07, 2015 15:00 1 Comment


Now with fall in full effect I figured it was about time I did a blog on the oh so cozy chunky knits on the market. I love nothing being cozy and stylish. Knits look great with leggings, jeans and dressed up with skirts. Also I do love a good sweater dress! Below are all my favs out there right now. 


From the top down | 

Orion Rolled Neck Chunky Jumper | $35 (ON SALE!) | stylemoi.nu

Paige Chunky Knit Sweater | $155 | shopsincerelyjules.com

Mango Cable Knit Jumper | $80 | johnlewis.com

Long sweater with high collar | $49.99 | Zara

Twisted cowl neck | $24 | Joe Fresh

Cowl neck sweater | $24 | Joe Fresh

Vest E09 | $38 | Noul 

BDG Elbow patch sweater | $72 | Urban Outfitters

Babaton Tylrion Sweater | $185 | Aritzia 

Bianca Dress | $175 | Aritzia 

Emmys Red Carpet | September 21, 2015 17:55

7 best dressed from last night's Emmy Awards | 

Last night for the 2015 Emmy Awards I was drawn towards all the gowns that had great deep colours, complex texture and interesting necklines. Here is the breakdown for my top 7 looks.

Amanda Peet was in Michael Kors. First of all I am all about the texture on this look! The contrast of a traditional style gown paired with the modern cut out look was amazing.

image glamour.com

Ariel Winter looked so elegant wearing Romona Keveza. I loved the figure hugging dress. The neckline was also something I was drawn too, very unique. 

image Frazer Harrison | Getty Images


Sarah Hyland wore Zac Posen, I am all about the wine bordeaux colour. The fabric looks so lux as well, another figure hugging dress that I love. 

Julie Bowen looked smashing with this unique neckline in a fit and flair gown by Georges Chakira. All girls from Modern Family basically killed it wearing figure hugging dresses. 

Christina Hendricks was wearing this amazing embellished gown by Maxior. She must have been so hot on the red carpet but I love this long sleeves. 

Kerry Washington always takes risks on the red carpet and I love it. She was wearing Labourjoisie. Between the different textures, the colour and that slit, it was love at first sight for me.

Emma Watson looked great in this deep v gown by Jenny Packham. The jewel on the belt is a glamorous touch that I love. It adds such a vintage hollywood vibe that I always lean towards. 

image John Shearer | Wire Image 


Ready to get you're sparkle on? | September 19, 2015 07:00

See what's trending in the jewelry world this season | 

I just finished reading the latest edition of People Style Watch magazine, I am so excited for all the jewelry trends for the upcoming season. From what I gather all the sparkle and glam is not going anywhere. It seems the more sparkle the better. On the flip side if you're not a sparkle person necklaces like "The Ayra Necklace" (shown below) will be more you're scene. Statement necklaces are sticking around transforming any basic into a show stopper. Ever since big necklaces came on the scene which was around when I started my business I have loved them. I think its great that with a killer pair of jeans, heels, and a basic tee “The Super Necklace” as they're calling it makes any outfit a knock out. Big earrings also seem to be a hit heading into fall. Seeing how my company is called Earrings and Stuff, this makes me very happy. I have lots of goodies on route that will be up not the store soon! But in the meantime shop the trend below of necklaces and earrings I currently have in stock which match the trend.

xoxo Sarah 


The Sylvia Necklace | $29

The Ayra Necklace | $34

The Caroline Necklace | $32

The Ariel Necklace | $29

The Royal Necklace | $32

The Gatsby Drop Earrings | $14

The Selena Studs | $13

The Starla Burst Studs | $13

The Jillian Drop Earrings | $14

The Cara Studs | $13

The Lucy Drops | $13

The Cadance Drops | $14


* all products brought to you by EarringsandStuff.com | 




Shop the Look | September 17, 2015 05:00

Booties booties and more booties | 

Obviously with summer coming to end my mind is on fall fashion! Today I am going to showcase all my favourite booties on the market. Booties are a great transition piece, they look great with those summer dresses you still can’t part with and those great pair of jeans you have been waiting to rock. I feel like they are a great investment piece, you will wear them over and over again. There is lots out there for everyones price point. I gathered some inspiration on my fav app Polyvore (pic below & check out my blog all about it)! I always seem to be drawn towards fringe, leather, blush tones & black when it comes to booties. Although I came across some navy ones which I thought was a nice switch up, also the animal print black ones add a little fun to your feet. Happy shopping! 

xoxo Sarah


1 | Mint Velvet Nonie ankle boots / $305 / johnlewis.com

2 | Frye Parker fringe boot / $318 / shoemall.com

3 | Sole Society Zada ankle booties / $100 / solesociety.com

4 | Michael Kors Sabrina flat booties / $260 / bloomingdales.com

5 | Michael Kors Prudence booties / $365 / lordandtaylor.com

6 | Tory Burch Hyde booties / $595 / toryburch.com

Kate & Mel Fringe booties / $180 / Town Shoes

Minnetonka Tramper boot / $60 / Urban Outfitters 

Sam Edelman Louie fringe / $140 / Urban Outfitters

1 | Material Girl Onedia Booties / $34.65 (SALE! REG $99) / The Bay

2 | Michael Kors / $198 / Little Burgundy

3 | Seychellres Impossible booties / $200 / The Bay

4 | Seychellres Stand up Straight bootie / $100 / The Bay      



Shop the Look | September 09, 2015 14:13

Crazy for Suede | 

If any of you follow me on Instagram (@earringsandstuff) you would have seen my Polyvore post this week all about suede for Fall. Since I love to shop online and can spend hours looking at clothes I figured I would comb through all my favourite stores finding all my must haves! Some of the pieces being real suede some being suede effect (getting the look for a bit cheaper) there is something for everyone. 

xoxox Sarah

Zara | Suede effect dress $69 

Zara | Suede effect shift dress $89

Zara | Suede biker jacket $139

ASOS | Suede fringe mini backpack $119

ASOS | Suede shearling coat $370.60

ASOS | Shift dress $104.64

Urban Outfitters | Ecote suede fringe bucket bag $49.99 SALE (reg $89)

Joe Fresh | Navy suede jacket $89

Aritzia | Wilfred Nori dress $125 

Made by Me September 04, 2015 06:00 2 Comments

One of a kind items handcrafted by me | Does it make my site confusing? 

So I knew once I got into this business of buying jewelry that pertained to my taste it would eventually turn into me making stuff. At first it seemed quite overwhelming but little by little I have taught myself heaps along the way. Now I'm not saying I am creating masterpieces (well not yet anyway, lol) but I am ecstatic about all I have learned. Luckily there is youtube videos on mostly everything. I have been watching and taking in as much as I can, trying to create some unique pieces along the way. There is many talented people out there, I am so grateful that they share their talent providing me with the tools to step out on my own. On one side I am loving taping into my creative side and making my own stuff. But on the other side of things I worry that it might make my website look all over the place? At this point I did create a “Handcrafted” menu on my site but I would love to know your opinion. Do you think it is confusing that I have brand new curated products and handmade one offs? I am leaning more towards continuing on with adding handcrafted items. It is hard not compare yourself to other e-commerce businesses, I guess I just need to realize that mine is different, business models change right? Better to grow and change then stay status quo? Food for thought! 

Below is all the handcrafted stuff that I have created so far. Let me know what you think!

xoxo Sarah

I heart Polyvore September 02, 2015 14:09

Feel like tapping into the virtual fashion world? 

This week I thought I would share my love for Polyvore to everyone. I am sure many of you are familiar with the app. If not Polyvore is an app that lets you create your own “sets” as they call them. Sets can be anything from an outfit, to just shoes, purses, makeup , etc. It is a blank canvas which lets you become your own virtual stylist with real items that you can purchase. Everything from high end to budget it lets your explore your inner fashionista. The one downside to the app it makes me want to shop more than ever! Below is all the sets I created through the month of August. If you follow me on Instagram, which I hope you do:)  (@earringsandstuff) you have seen them! I can't help but post when I create them.

 Let me know your thoughts on Polyvore if you are using it!

 xoxo Sarah


As if.... Whatever! August 29, 2015 23:04

Clueless 20 years later | 

So I found myself flicking through Netflix the other day as you do. I came across Clueless, since I haven't watched it in ages I figured why not. From the opening credits I was hooked all over again. I remember when it came out 20 years ago (which I still can’t believe) and loving everything about it, watching it over and over. It amazes me that 20 years later all the outfits still hold up. Now I know that everything comes full circle so perhaps if I watched it 10 years ago I may not have the same thoughts. But as it stands right now I am all about it!


Below is a gallery of some of my top outfit’s in the flick!

* all images taken from Pinterest 

Love is in the air! August 14, 2015 19:45

Weddings | Love | Bridesmaids 

This summer I was fortunate enough to tap into my creative side working with many brides. Having your ladies stand up for you at wedding is a big deal and gifting them with something thoughtful personalized is the icing on the cake. Since there are so many options out there, I showcase a few to the bride. From there we work together in coming up with something special catered to their style. I did a set of necklaces for a bridal party which had the initials of their children on them, which I though was a super sweet touch. Another set of necklaces that I did was a single initial with a natural gem attached. The bride was ecstatic with the fact the bridesmaids instantly put them and wore them down the aisle which wasn't even her intention. One of the most difficult tasks I had throughout the wedding season was hammering quite a long saying on a bracelet. The other two bridesmaids were gifted with necklaces which also had personalized sayings on them. I was happy with how that challenging order turned out, now I know with my metal stamping kit the possibilities are endless. Since a picture says a thousand words below is a gallery of all the gifts that went out over the summer. Remember you can email sarah@earringsandstuff.com if you want to create with me!

Image above taken by Jennifer Findlay | www.findlayphotography.com

Image above is a necklace I made for a new mom who happens to be one of my best friends. Figured I would add it in with the wedding stuff. You know what they say first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage! 

xoxoxo Sarah

Summer Night Brights August 07, 2015 10:28

Top 8 favs to get you through the rest of summer!

Even though it’s August and the end of summer is looming over us. I refuse to think about it. I know that inevitability it will go by fast but August is 1/3 of our entire summer so why do we always pretty much write it off. Here in Vancouver we are lucky enough to have September be an extension of summer so fingers crossed we are blessed with the sun gods! There is still plenty of fun summer festivities going on so why not have fun with your jewelry! Here are my top 8 accessories to get you through the rest of summer. Also great for anyone planning any beach get aways in the winter, now is the time to stock up so you will be all set when the stores are filled with all the winter accessories.

The Katy Necklace | $25

The Riviera Necklace | $22

The Boho Beach Necklace | $30

The Lizzie Necklace | $14 (SALE!)

The Katy Earrings | $14

The Oceanic Necklace | $22

The Nyla Necklace | $14 (SALE!) 

*all products brought to you by Earrings and Stuff

*free shipping in Canada 

Diner en Blanc August 04, 2015 13:26

With the Diner en Blanc approaching on August.25th here in Vancouver I put together a gallery of accessories that suit the theme of the night.


The Gatsby Drop Earrings | $14

The White Sparkler Double Studs | $10 (SALE!)

White Pearlized Dangly Earrings | $14

The Pearl Drop Earrings | $15

The Rae Bracelet | $12

The RiRi Necklace | $32

The Dawn Necklace | $20

The Dani Necklace | $14 (SALE!)

*all products brought to you by Earrings and Stuff

*free shipping in Canada 

Work Life Balance July 19, 2015 10:36 1 Comment

Hey y’all!

Well, it feels like I have not written in a while and I haven’t. I was lucky enough to be able to take a month off of serving to really dig into my business. I was doing great with keeping up with #MagazineMondays as well as staying up on top of my searching for good content to post on all my social media outlets. Now that I am back to serving full-time and were all in the full swing of summer I seem to be struggling to find a balance between work and life. Its funny too because I was searching online for quotes related to work life balance and most of them were geared towards being focused on career and having no life. My deal is I am focused on my side hustle but I also serve to pay the bills and there always seems to be something coming up socially. I know that it sounds so “woe is me” but I find it difficult to balance serving, side hustle, friends, family, baseball, relationship, home life etc; it can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes you just need to step back take a few deep breaths and taking it day by day. And another big thing for me is saying, “No”. I always to commit to heaps, never wanting to let people down but also enjoy staying busy. It’s a vicious cycle, lol. I was also lucky enough to go to Vegas this summer, which was as always amazing! I have also been super busy working with many brides this season creating the perfect gifts for them to give the special ladies standing up beside them ( I will be doing a blog post showcasing all the gifts I did this season). That might be another reason why I feel as though I haven't had as much time for my site. Sourcing out products, creating and making takes longer than I always expect. I have really been loving this side of the business being involved in such a special day for these ladies is great! Tapping into my creative side has been very motivating! I am at a time in my life where everyone seems to be getting engaged or is involved in some sort of wedding so I am hoping this is just the beginning of my wedding work.

On the product side of things; I have the most amazing stock in right now. If you have been following me for a while you know that I had my website redesigned a few months back. I was lucky enough to have a sit down with my web designer who gave me a photoshop tutorial, now that I have all this stock I have been vigorously reading through my notes to try to create great photos. I also began taking all my pictures on some amazing ladies to give my products a real life perspective. All in all I am still here trying to create my Earrings and Stuff empire albeit sometimes stressed, sometimes self conscious, sometimes have major self doubt but I figure if I continue to think positive thoughts the universe will lead me down the path I am supposed to endure.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

xoxo Sarah

#MagazineMonday May 25, 2015 18:51

top 7 images of the week! 

1 | I had a Dolce & Gabbana ad in my post last week too! I am loving their ad campaign they have right now. Those shades with that lace crop top bra looks so fabulous in my eyes | Vogue 

2 | I love this mesh top over the bikini. So cute for poolside | Nylon

3 | Dakota Fanning looks so chill and stylish in this shot. I love the lush green contrast of the plants and the light colour palate of her outfit | Nylon

4 | I love how Calvin Klein circa 90's is back. The classic bra with the Calvin Klein signature logo looks great with the denim. I also all about her fishtail braid | Nylon

5 | I mean how could I not put in these fierce Chanel ads. Everything about this photo I am gushing over. Pharrell, Cara and the cute little boy make lounging on a bed a fashion statement | Vogue 

6 | Round 2 of the Chanel ad's. In this one again they all look amazing. I love the shirt Cara is wearing | Vogue 

7 | I had to zoom in super close on this photo so show you guys. Camila Alves wife of Mathew McConaughey looks so pretty in this super plunging neckline and that super icy necklace. This to me is perfection, lace paired with bling, I am all about this | UsWeekly 



#MagazineMonday May 18, 2015 21:21

Top 7 images of the week! 

Here's everything that has been inspiring me all week. What about you guys? 

1 | This basic look is anything but basic in my eyes. The long vest paired with the straight midiskirt gives off a very polished vibe without looking too stuffy | InStyle

2 | Everything about this bag makes me happy. From the suede to the fringe and the colour, it will easily take you all the way through many seasons | Mondrina "Tallulah" suede bag $460 | People Style Watch

3 | Here is another combo that has me swooning. The structured peplum top paired with a slit skirt would be the perfect ensemble for any wedding, graduation or event you will be attending this season | InStyle

4 | Black fringe tank top; Yes Please! Fringe is very on trend right now and if you can't tell by now I am all about it! | Lucy Paris "Sienna Fringe Tank" $60 | People Style Watch 

5 | I have been seeing this style of necklace everywhere! My wheels are in motion on making these for my own site! They seem like the perfect necklace heading into the summer season. The tassel paired with the beads adds casual flair to any outfit while still being on trend | Zacasha "Touareg Tassel Necklace" $65 | People Style Wach 

6 | I mean how can this ad not make you stop and stare. I love everything by Dolce & Gabbana in the photo | The lace, the shades, that lip and the obvious fabulous accessory that fan; timeless | Harper's Bazaar

7 | I love the fruit trend that's happening right now! It is the perfect way to brighten up in a cute way | People Style Watch