Instagram changes | My food for thought

To be notified or not to be notified? That is the question | 

I am currently sitting on a beautiful beach in Sayulita (the photo above I just took a second ago) thinking about how this Instagram change will affect my business. Which is funny because I'm on holidays but I guess when you're an entrepreneur are you ever really on holidays? With Instagram changing I don't know what direction to go. I feel like half the public is promoting turn on notifications while the rest of the community is saying no. If you do turn post notifications on, then every time someone you clicked yes to posts something you get notified, which can get very annoying. So my question is what happens if people don’t turn my notifications on, will I just get lost in the abyss of Instagram or will my target audience still find me? At the end of the day when it comes to followers it is quality not quantity which I think gets forgotten most of the time. The changes are happening gradually although today it seems everyone is freaking out. This sent me into a state of panic, which also made me take a step back and reflect, does all this really matter? Going forward I will interested to see how it progresses and how everyone adapt's. Perhaps it will get rid of all the annoying spam people that are always getting you to buy followers, that would be a treat! All in all I am hopeful for it to be a positive change because at this point there is nothing we can do, as they say if you can't beat join em! 


Thanks for being an ear! Hope everyone had a great long weekend. 


Xoxo Sarah 

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