Wanderlusting | Find What You Love

Below is a blurb I wrote on my vacation, just never had a chance to post before I came home | 

As I sit here in a beautiful setting on a gorgeous sunny day in Sayulita I can’t help but be inspired by everything that catches my eye. I have always been addicted to wander right from when I graduated high school, so it’s no wonder this trip has ignited life into me again. The thought of going home yes makes me sad but I am ready to create and really dive into this next chapter of my business and life. I feel in love with photography again since being here. With my business I am always taking photos of jewelry inside which yes is fun but I am always trying to find the perfect light, angle , etc. Here in Sayulita surrounded by old buildings, beach and culture I have been able to click away letting the surrounding and camera do the job. In conclusion I feel refreshed, motivated and excited to continue building and growing my ultimate dream job. I will continue to live my truth of “find what you love” and I welcome you to join in as life is too short to hate your job!

Thanks for being an ear! I will be posting a collection of my photos from this magical vacation.

xoxo Sarah

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