First Blog!

Hey everyone!

So this is the first time I have written a blog and where better to start then with my own business! This is a very exciting time for me as I have been working really hard at Earrings and Stuff, for a bit now. There has been so many things that have come up that i didn't even think about as I am new to this whole e-commerce world. I definitely thought that taking pictures of everything was going to much easier than it was! But through trial and tribulations I seem to have somewhat figured out how to make things look authentic. I mean if I could just do everything through instagram that would be great but I want all of my products to look the same in pics as they do when they will arrive in your hands. Alrighty well I guess that is good for my first blog post, I will be keeping you all updated on all my stock when it arrives, as I get quite excited whenever I receive it all, really feels like christmas morning opening up everything!


Cheers, Sarah

Earrings and Stuff

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