Business cards arrived!!! March 14, 2014 12:25 1 Comment

Wow, just realized that I have not written anything for a while, sorry about that! I finally got my business cards and they turned out amazing! It's awesome to have something to hand out to people now when I get compliments on products that I am obviously wearing! Now I seem to understand this whole networking thing people have been talking about all these years. On a side note I am participating a spring photo shoot with some ladies in a couple weeks, which I get to style the jewelry portion of it. I am excited about that, feels so good to be doing a positive thing for my business, I feel exactly where I need to be in life right now. I have yet to experience this is in the career world, so feeling great about it! Before I decided to launch this business basically the only time I have been 100% stocked on life is when I am traveling the world. Alright friends time for me to take some pics of the awesome stuff I have gotten in this week! Happy Friday!


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