Hey everyone!

Hey everyone!


Things are Earrings and Stuff has been awesome! Been quite busy putting all my orders together, which is great! I have also been getting my workspace organized which is for the best seeing how my office is at my dining table! Every day I am learning so much and the support that I have been getting is defiantly motivating to continue on! It's crazy to see an idea develop and now I'm fully running a business, albeit not a huge one... Yet anyways. Never would have foreseen this for myself. The other day I ordered lots of statement necklaces with bright colors for spring and summer, as well some earrings that will be fun to go with sunshine! Really excited about this pretty vintage style bracelet that I came across, will not be arriving for 3 weeks... longest 3 weeks ever! Alright fellow supporters back to running my empire, lol.


Xo Earrings and Stuff

  • Paula O says...

    Excited to see your spring collection!

    On Mar 28, 2014

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