Social media what???

Hello Earrings and Stuff supporters!!!

This week has been all about social media, oh yah and I ran a 10k, no big deal! The power of social media is a crazy tool; I still have so much to learn! Let’s just say I actually understand a hashtag now. Before I entered the business world I would hashtag mainly as a joke with friends, I guess you could say I had my “ah ha” moment this week, it all makes sense now! This week I also organized my office area in my apartment, and it looks awesome! I got these great boxes from homesense with roses, and cute prints, they give me a romantic vintage vibe, so basically perfect in my eyes! Slowly but surely it is all coming together in the corner. Some really cute bracelets arrived as well, I’m in love!
Thanks everyone for the support! Also remember if anyone needs anything for wedding parties, let me know because I can order stuff not on my site. Guess I just have weddings on my mind; I have had 4 friends get engaged in the last 2 weeks!

Happy May!

Xo Sarah

  • Paula O says...

    Love it all girl!!! Great post and pics

    On May 01, 2014

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