Party time!

All I can say is yah for summertime!!!

This week Vancouver has felt like summer well I guess it is May so it pretty much almost is! There is something about that vitamin D, biking and patios that put a permanent smile on my face. This week I hosted my first ever at home ‘Earrings and Stuff’ party. It went so great! I displayed all of the jewelry throughout my apartment casually. I did not do a presentation or anything, just free range to look at your own time. I served some wine, cheese and other snacks, which went over fabulously! I generated lots of sales, it is nice to be a in a group atmosphere, so you always have lots of opinions on how things look. The party was a hit with everyone, my girlfriends said they really enjoyed being able to try stuff on in person, added bonus to just seeing it online. I am hoping to have many more parties, right up my alley, being able to merchandise everything, hosting at other peoples places will be like having my own travelling store!

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

Xo Sarah



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