Vegas, Santa Monica and Palm Springs bound!

So I feel like i have not written a blog in a while.. Things here are going ahhhhhmazing! Been super happy with how everything has been progressing. I am gearing up right now to head out on a two week adventure with a lots of girls! First stop Las Vegas then Santa Monica and finishing off in Palm Springs. If you follow me on any of the social media outlets I am sure you will see lots of photos throughout my travels. The girls will be decked out in Earrings and Stuff merchandise and I will obviously be documenting as much as I can! Who's running things while I'm gone you say? My wonderful man Geoffrey.. So hoping not too much pops off while I am gone. It has definitely been a little stressful thinking about leaving because I want my everything to run as efficiently as if I am here so finger crossed.

Since my last blog post I collaborated with a fashion blogger Rina Doria ( sending her a few pieces that she will feature and style in her blog. She already including one of the bracelets I sent her and the pics turned out great! That was very exciting for me, something I will be pursuing more when I get back into town.

So that's what's going on in the world of 'Earrings and Stuff'. I'm looking forward to going away but I am also excited for when I come home and can go full throttle with my business as the response I have been getting from people is very motivating to continue on!

Thanks so much to you guys for reading and supporting me on this new business adventure!

Xo Sarah



  • Paula says...

    Love this! Great trip! Great business plan and success!

    On Jun 12, 2014

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