I have returned!

Hey friends!

We'll since my last blog post I am now on the airplane home from my wonderful vacation. I had a super sized girl’s trip, so awesome; I started off in Vegas so all my jewels definitely got to be showcased by all my amazing girls. After Vegas I proceeded down to LA where my friend Magdalena and I posted up in Santa Monica for a few days, that Cali lifestyle is so great. We spent a day Venice capping it off by doing some shopping on Abbot Kinney road. I could have spent so much money there on many fantastic fashion pieces. All the shops are more like little boutiques, some are in houses too, really fun area to get inspired by. On our last night in Santa Monica we went to this really great place that had live music, was recommended by a friend, a perfect end to our Cali experience. Off to Palm Springs we went which consisted of lying by the pool, maybe having a bevy or two and some girl time. My jewelry also made an appearance there to as we went out on the town! Was quite fun to bring everything with me and let everyone pick out what they felt like wearing, and see what they wanted to wear it with. Was defiantly a great experience to have so many opinions together, as I like to appease the masses! Now that I am heading back, I am so focused to keep going and continue to pick out great jewelry for all of you! Alrighty hope you enjoyed my little diary of my trip!

xo Sarah



ps. Here's some pics from all my adventures! 





  • Amber says...

    Sounds like a great trip Sarah!! Excellent jewelry styling too!

    On Jul 04, 2014

  • C.pay says...

    Can’t wait to see your beautiful face!! Missed you girl !! Glad you had a blast and are home safe!! Xox

    On Jun 24, 2014

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