Happy Canada Day week!!

Hey everyone! Since I have been home from my wonderful vacation I been very focused on my business in taking it to the next level. I have lots of great stuff on the way, so excited for it to arrive, take pics and get it all up there for you. It's was Canada day here so I ran a sale which was very successful so if you were one of the shoppers thanks! This week I am going to be concentrating on tweaking my website, so if you have any suggestions throw them my way, I would love feedback positive and negative! So far I am thinking I am going to go through making styling notes to go along with everything, also would like to retake all my earlier product pics as I feel like I have grown in the idea process of that earlier setup. Other than that I would love to throw more parties, with an incentive for the host of course, so if you are interested in hosting a party let me know! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! On a side note I have been reading this book #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, she is the founder of the mega online retailer 'Nasty Gal', it talks about how she started her business and things she learned along the way. It is a great read for anyone, very motivational! On that note I may just get back to reading right now!

Xo Sarah



  • Amber says...

    I love those ideas Sarah. I think sharing some styling tips is perfect! I like the idea of venturing into “stuff” like purses or clutches or other accessories. Sounds like a great book too.

    On Jul 04, 2014

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