Vision board say what???

Hello everyone!

So this week I did something super cheesy but I am very excited about it! I made a vision board, I have heard from many sources that you are more likely to accomplish your goals if you write them down and actually vision them coming true, so here goes nothing! Since doing this board I feel as though I have already had a few positive things happen for me this week! I gained a few new customers who I don’t know through people, I also gave my goods to another Vancouver fashion blogger ( ), excited to see how she styles stuff! I am also sending some more pieces to Rina ( who is local blogger who I have worked with in the past! On the opposite side of being motivated and all these fabulous things happening for “Earrings and Stuff”, I was feeling very overwhelmed last week! I received so much new product which I always want to get up on the site as soon as possible but I just need to realize to take things one day at a time! Also I am still working on making my website better so if anyone has any feedback good and bad my ears are open! Alright back to the grind now! And to those heading up to Pemberton music fest…. I’m soooooo jealous! Have fun!!!

Xo Sarah

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