It's been a while!

Hello ‘Earrings and Stuff’ supporters!

            So I realized the other day that has definitely been a few weeks since I have blogged last. Summer is in full force in Vancouver and there is so much great stuff going on in the city! I have been trying to take it all in as well as continue on my path to success! Since the last time I wrote I made the best purchase, I invested in a dress form and it makes a world of difference. It is so much better to style the necklaces with an outfit, as well as a body for that matter. Seeing where the piece lays as well as how I would style it is also half the fun. I have been thoroughly enjoying retaking all my pictures, I am ecstatic with how they turned out. Finally I feel like my website is starting to look more my speed. With buying this mannequin also comes now realizing that I need to get a professional white back drop for taking photos, slowly but surely it is all coming together! Learning along the way is part of the growth process; if I think back to when I started in February I have already learned so much I can only imagine where I will be a couple years from now!
             Apart from the creative side of the business I am gearing up for another party at one of my girlfriend’s house in a few weeks, as well a pop up store at Barre Fitness ( for their 4 year anniversary. I am hoping the ball will continue on from there on the party front as it is pivotal for getting my product out there and networking!
Well it is BC day here so I am going to catch some rays and read at Sunset Beach! Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend if you are locals.

Xo Sarah


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