Summer, summer, summer, summertime in the summertime!

Hey y’all!

So last time I thought I hadn’t written in a while but now I really haven’t! The busyness of summer has really taken over business wise and social wise, for that matter; who am I kidding! Since I last wrote I am now fully set up to have trunk show parties. I went on a shopping spree with the help of my sister and mom, I bought the cutest display stuff, basically everything I bought has been re-purposed for displaying jewelry.... don’t worry no black velvet! I have everything from cupcake trays for bracelets to cork boards, chalk boards, a vintage looking shadow wooden box with great knobs on it might I add, a few great trays, tablecloth all well fitting in with my brand that I created! It is still pretty crazy to think I am in the midst of creating a brand for Earrings and Stuff, so awesome! I have had a few trunk show parties at friend’s places, and everything has gone over very well, my display is a hit! I was also lucky enough to have a pop store at Barre Fitness ( for their 4yr anniversary party! Brought me back to my retail days, which funny enough seems like I have missed it! I really enjoy interacting with customers discussing all my choices I have made for Earrings and Stuff as well as my story about how I got started and why. I am very hopeful for the future of my company and can’t wait to continue purchasing great “stuff” for everyone and having more trunk shows! Alrighty enjoy the last bit of summer! Also listed below is a blurb about trunk show party hosting.

Want to host your own trunk show party featuring jewelry, your favorite ladies and likely a few bottles of wine? Email sarah@earringsandstuff. com for more information and learn about the incentive of being an ‘Earrings and Stuff’ host. Sounds like an amazing party to me!

Xoxo Sarah

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  • Paula O says...

    So proud of your success! Great vintage finds, new set up and expansion.

    On Sep 02, 2014

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