Bye Bye Summer Sale

Hi there world!

So technically it is fall approaching but it seems here in Vancouver we are lucky enough to be having a great beginning, it has been so nice and sunny here has not even felt as though the colder months are coming. This time of year is one of my favorites which I mentioned last week; I just love that crispy air! This week at Earrings and Stuff I hosted a trunk show party at my friend Manya’s which went great, I had some girls asking me about Christmas time which seems crazy because like I said it has been so nice here, I cannot even fathom that we will be at that time of year again before we know it! I was not in business last Christmas so I am very excited to see how the party season pans out for me! I see it as a great opportunity not only host more trunk shows so everyone can purchase gifts for their loved ones, but with Christmas comes more parties, which I would love to be your one stop shop for all of your accessory needs to go with your party dress! On the flip side of jewelry I have been awaiting some more clothes that I will be putting up on the website. I mainly ordered blouses, I found really cute ones; I have one coming that is white with little anchors, a creamy chiffon blouse that has a pastel flower print. As soon as they arrive I will be personally testing them out! Hopefully this is the beginning of getting clothes in because if you have not figured it out yet, I love everything to do with fashion, head to toe!

On the behind the scenes side of things I purchased everything I need to create an at home photo studio, so I will be setting that up this week and retaking all my pics again. The mannequin has worked wonders but I have not been too happy with the background, it turns out that if you just have poster board flat behind it gives of a very dull vibe. My apartment has lots of natural light so I am hoping with this new system my pics will be up to a better standard, guess we will soon find out.

Also Earrings and Stuff is having a Bye Bye Summer Sale right now! I put most of brightest items on sale seeing how they are mainly associated with summertime, although I will 100% will be rocking my fluorescent necklace throughout the winter, a pop of color never hurts anyone no matter what time of year it is!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Xo Sarah

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