Photos, photos, photos!

Hello everyone!

It has been a few weeks since the last time I touched base; I have been super busy with working on Earrings and Stuff as well as my second job at the pub! I have gone from trying my own DIY photo backdrop at home that didn’t work out to getting one from my friend Ty ( If you follow me on instagram you may have seen the shot I posted saying I would be taking photos all day; which I did. I spent the whole day styling all the outfits to go with all my new pieces that arrived. They turned out great I thought but once I put up on my site was not happy with how they looked, they were quite dark in the background. So back to drawing board I went and I am happy to announce as of today I have figured out the perfect placement in my apartment to take the most ideal photos! Trust me when I say I will be working away this week because I want everyone to see all the great new stuff I have! I also ordered a few clothing items from my suppliers so still waiting that arrive. I did receive these t-shirts that I ordered a bit ago, I was only able to order mediums, its bit too snug for my liking but they are so cute, so for my sake sad it’s tight! Those will also be on site this week, so if you’re a medium keep checking my website!

In my hometoewn it was Vancouver Fashion Week was great seeing all the local bloggers posting pictures and hanging out together at all the shows. I am thinking that next year I will definitely try to participate in going to some of the shows; very inspiring to see firsthand all the amazing clothes designers create.

Also if you guys are magazine nuts like I am then you will interested to know that I jumped on board to that next issue app on my IPad; it’s such a game changer! It’s fabulous to have all those magazines at my finger tips whenever you like; also nice to be able to read new magazines that you wouldn’t normally buy. That’s my tip of the day definitely worth the monthly fee (two choice $9.99 or $14.99 depending on which option you pick).

Want to host your own trunk show party featuring jewelry, you’re favorite ladies and likely a few bottles of wine? Email sarah@earringsandstuff .com For more information and learn about the incentive of being an ‘Earrings and Stuff’ host. Sounds like an amazing party to me!


Xo Sarah


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