Creeping up on Winter??


With Christmas just around the corner I am gearing up for the holiday season. I hosted a trunk show at my place last week which went great. Some of my girlfriends even started their Christmas shopping! I still cannot believe how quickly it is coming upon us; doesn't it feel like summer just ended?! It seems I was just writing about fall fashion and now we are about to enter full on winter! Time just keeps flying by, with each year passing faster and faster the older I get.

On the business side of things I am still working away. Some weeks are busier than others, but that is a natural part of the process as I build my brand. I have been reading several blogs to self-educate and inspire myself on writing, life, business and fashion trends. I finally understand when people say there is just not enough time in the day! Between working full-time at the pub, staying up to date on a plethora of magazines, being active on Pinterest and the daily maintenance of my social media accounts I realize that I need to improve my daily organization skills in order to remain consistent with when and what I am posting. During one of my blog prowls I read something that really stuck with me. Elise Blaha Cripe said “continue moving forward, successful blogs and stores these days didn’t take hours they have taken years” ( I let out a deep breath after reading that as I fully agree. I believe when you're starting your own business it is good to take a step back and really comprehend that statement. If it were easy to start your own retail store and achieve immediate success, wouldn’t more people be taking the plunge? For me, if I am not having a good selling week I cannot feel deflated. I just need to remember that advice and continue moving forward!

I am excited to announce that I will have a better grasp on the realm of social media as I signed up for a conference happening here in Vancouver in just a few weeks (! It is geared right for me: entrepreneurs without a strong marketing background. I will definitely fill you guys in after I attend and I hope to obtain some really good tools to help with my online presence.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend!

Xo Sarah


  • Paula Oamen says...

    Love this post! Great insight and super excited for your conference and what you learn! Xo

    On Nov 06, 2014

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