Happy Holidays!

Hello and happy holidays everyone!

It has definitely been a busy time for me here at Earrings and Stuff throughout the holiday season! I have thoroughly enjoyed hosting trunk shows, they really got me into the Christmas season. The great feedback I have received is very motivating for me to continue on this journey I am so passionate about. I love having the opportunity to showcase all of my goods and helping the ladies pick out presents for their loved ones or themselves; we all deserve it! With so many festive parties this month, what better time to add some glam to your outfits?

In my last entry I informed you of an upcoming social media conference I would be attending. I went and it was amazing! I learned so many valuable lessons pertaining to this new marketing game online. There were captivating keynote speakers who touched on everything from customer service to the importance of executing scheduled and accurate content. I gained so much insight as they suggested tips I had never even considered! I was able to attend 4 workshops throughout the day that were put on by seasoned professionals. One of the best lines from the day was from Joe Wozny: “this is a marathon, not a sprint”. Opening your own online business, whatever it may be, does not mean becoming successful overnight. If that were the case everyone would be trying their luck online! I also learned that most people click on and leave a site within seconds which means you need to make sure that your homepage entices people to stay and shop. I was also introduced to landing pages. For instance, if I were to put up a picture on a social media site, I need to have the handle of what it is so that it leads them to the exact product rather than just the website link to my homepage. People might lose interest or not want to spend time trying to find that exact item, so you need to make it easy for them. I think that was my main takeaway from this event: it has to be easy for your customers to find you and know exactly what they are looking for. Further, you need to remain active online; don’t just use social media as a tool to sell your products, but as a way to engage with your clientele. Ask people questions, interact with them. Overall, it was an extremely informative day and I cannot wait for the new year to read through everything, process it, and come up with a game plan!

On the visually creative side of my business, my friend lent me her Cannon Rebel for the month. Now that I have had a taste at how much better my products look with a professional camera I need to retake all of my product pictures. Due to my second job at the pub, Christmas season has kept me super busy, but I am very excited for the New Year to revamp my site, concentrate on my marketing plan and continue forward in living out my dream. If in 5 years from now I can make my living scouting out amazing jewelry for you all and running a successful online store, I will be so grateful!

Hope everyone has a great time throughout the holidays and happy New Year! Thanks for all of your support and listening to me!

xo Sarah
  • Amber says...

    This sounds like a great conference! You have already done an amazing job with your business and with this knowledge you can continue to grow. Can’t wait to see the products you bring in the Mee Year. You are always on or ahead of the trend! Bring on 2015!

    On Dec 24, 2014

  • Paula says...

    Awesome post and great ideas from conference!

    On Dec 22, 2014

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