Happy New Year!


Here’s to a happy, healthy 2015 to everyone! Hope you all had a great time throughout the holidays. I definitely enjoyed a few days of down time with family and friends after a very busy December. I knew eventually it would all catch up with me and like most people I have finally caught that awful cold that has been circling around. I had all these plans for the first week of January to get geared up for the New Year! Lots of new stock has arrived and I cannot wait to start taking pictures of everything for you guys before I go on holidays. I am headed away next week to Mexico which I am very excited about. My boyfriend and I are travelling down there to see our friends get married! I am trying to decide right now, do I take the time and completely unplug or do I schedule some social media content to be put out there? Do you think that taking a week off from social media will make a difference for me and my business in the long run? It’s only 7 days but for some reason it just feels a bit unsettling to let it go for the week. On the other hand I also think it will be healthy to just unplug and have some time to reflect and get the creative juices going for when return. After talking through it I think that I am going to just take a well deserved break! I will come back more focused and really ready to take on 2015 and see where I can continue to achieve success! I will definitely write when I return and let you all know about how the week of unplugging unfolds.

Hope your having a great day!

xo Sarah

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