All moved!

Hello everyone!

I am happy announce that I am currently writing to you from my office space located in my new apartment! What a crazy month I’ve had from moving out of my old place which my boyfriend and I were in for 8 years to getting my website rebranded; this month has been anything from boring. I still have lots to do in the way of getting my new place 100% ready but that comes with time. I can’t wait to unpack all my goods and make the cutest stock room around town! The other day I got portrait shots taken ( to have photos for my site and other professional platforms. It was definitely an awkward experience having to smile away; I could never be a model or celebrity, having to always be posing just feels weird. I will include some shots below for you guys!

Heading into Spring I am looking forward to curating photos of trends that excite me. All the fashion mags have heaps of stuff I just need the time to read them which will hopefully happen this weekend! I will be starting up my #MagazineMonday again which is one of my favourite things! I am very excited to be able to focus on building my dream now that I have the move over with and my website to where I need it to be. Life is good!

Thanks for your continued support everyone!

Also I am doing a giveaway right now on Instagram so follow EARRINGSANDSTUFF for all the details!

xoxo Sarah

  • Mamajilly says...

    Sarah you look amazing…you are a beautiful person inside & out… Enjoy your new rebranding journey…

    On Mar 28, 2015

  • Fiona says...

    Lovely photos. You look stunning

    On Mar 28, 2015

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