Top 7 images of the week!

Sometimes it is just nice to look at images that capture your attention; hello Pinterest! Whether it's fashion related, home, travel or life; photos inspire me everyday. On that note these are my top 7 from all the magazines I read this week! #MagazineMonday

I love this floral trend, perfect for Spring and Summer! 

The Statement Necklace is loved by all and not going anywhere! Whether you like some bling, pearls, tribal there so many styles to choose from! 

The polka dot trend can be worn in many ways, as shown above. I especially love the oversized clutch up in the top right of the page. 

This photo is an obvious choice if anyone knows me! I mean look at those earrings, hello! They are fabulous! 

I love how the Clavin's are back right now! Although I'm not sure if I will be rocking this trend again, it looks great showcased above! 

I have been in love with all white mixed with cream for a while. During the winter falls months it adds such great texture to cozy clothes, and heading into Spring and Summer it makes any outfit look sleek and effortless. 

I liked this spread in LouLou magazine because we are upon Wedding season, which I love! Everything romantic and whimsical makes me smile. I love everything about the Boho suggestions they gave. 


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