top 7 images of the week! 

1 | I had a Dolce & Gabbana ad in my post last week too! I am loving their ad campaign they have right now. Those shades with that lace crop top bra looks so fabulous in my eyes | Vogue 

2 | I love this mesh top over the bikini. So cute for poolside | Nylon

3 | Dakota Fanning looks so chill and stylish in this shot. I love the lush green contrast of the plants and the light colour palate of her outfit | Nylon

4 | I love how Calvin Klein circa 90's is back. The classic bra with the Calvin Klein signature logo looks great with the denim. I also all about her fishtail braid | Nylon

5 | I mean how could I not put in these fierce Chanel ads. Everything about this photo I am gushing over. Pharrell, Cara and the cute little boy make lounging on a bed a fashion statement | Vogue 

6 | Round 2 of the Chanel ad's. In this one again they all look amazing. I love the shirt Cara is wearing | Vogue 

7 | I had to zoom in super close on this photo so show you guys. Camila Alves wife of Mathew McConaughey looks so pretty in this super plunging neckline and that super icy necklace. This to me is perfection, lace paired with bling, I am all about this | UsWeekly 



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