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One of a kind items handcrafted by me | Does it make my site confusing? 

So I knew once I got into this business of buying jewelry that pertained to my taste it would eventually turn into me making stuff. At first it seemed quite overwhelming but little by little I have taught myself heaps along the way. Now I'm not saying I am creating masterpieces (well not yet anyway, lol) but I am ecstatic about all I have learned. Luckily there is youtube videos on mostly everything. I have been watching and taking in as much as I can, trying to create some unique pieces along the way. There is many talented people out there, I am so grateful that they share their talent providing me with the tools to step out on my own. On one side I am loving taping into my creative side and making my own stuff. But on the other side of things I worry that it might make my website look all over the place? At this point I did create a “Handcrafted” menu on my site but I would love to know your opinion. Do you think it is confusing that I have brand new curated products and handmade one offs? I am leaning more towards continuing on with adding handcrafted items. It is hard not compare yourself to other e-commerce businesses, I guess I just need to realize that mine is different, business models change right? Better to grow and change then stay status quo? Food for thought! 

Below is all the handcrafted stuff that I have created so far. Let me know what you think!

xoxo Sarah

  • Momma J says...

    Love your creations Sarah. The one you made for Mon is wonderful. Keep it up! Follow your heart! Encouraging Kristen to do the same with her jars and furniture! It is so empowering and freeing to create! Xoxo

    On Sep 25, 2015

  • Jill says...

    Hi Sarah,
    I love the jewellery you are “hand crafting”. You are doing a great job. My one question is are the chains and bales sterling silver? At this point on your site, I think how you have it now is good, until you have a lot more hand crafted items..

    Another thought, what about if a client has an idea but they are not sure how to put the idea into practice, that you get together with this client and make the item that they want to their specifications. That way the client feels she is getting what they want and you may want to have an extra charge for one on on consultations.

    We are so proud of you…

    Love Mom & Dad..

    On Sep 05, 2015

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