BOSS BABE SPOTLIGHT | French Seventy Six May 03, 2018 14:38

Welcome to Earrings and Stuff first ever BOSS BABE SPOTLIGHT interview series! 

Our first one kicks off with the lovely ladies Keirstin and Britt Feltan who run French Seventy Six! I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of meeting the sister in law duo during a pop-up event. We both had booths for the I Like Her Style Vancouver  Christmas party, which was a great event btw. Just another example of why putting your self out there really does open up many great opportunities! Women supporting women and we love that around here.

Hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into their luxe brand celebrating champagne living. 


First off tell us about your brand French Seventy Six? 

French Seventy Six was inspired by our love for beautiful details and our favourite Champagne cocktails. French Seventy Six is more than candles, it’s a lifestyle. 

When did you get started? And what made you take the leap? 

We love to be surrounded by beautiful fragrances, luxe details, and chic packaging. One girl’s night (while sipping on French 76’s) we casually played around with the idea of combining our two favourite things, candles and cocktails. We were missing the creative aspect in our 9-5’s, so we put our creative energy into it. Fast forward almost two years, French Seventy Six is now a brand and product we are proud to share! 

 What is your brand mission? 

Champagne inspired living is all about celebrating life’s luxuries, and we want everyone to feel they can incorporate Champagne living into their lifestyle and home. 

 What steps do you ladies take to get your brand out there? 

Our biggest social audience is on Instagram, and we use it to share our story, favourite recipes, and inspiration. We love interacting one on one with our customers, and by attending local events like the Vancity Business Babes or I Like Her Style have been our favourite way to share our brand and the Champagne inspired lifestyle. 

What are your biggest mistake and biggest triumph so far? 

Biggest mistake: thinking we could do this on our own. It takes a village to put together a vision. We’ve learned that the right team makes all the difference.

Biggest triumph: when a customer reorders :) 

What boss babe do you look up to? 

We love supporting local women, brands, and entrepreneurs. Some of our favourite brands or boss babes are Jillian Harris, Monika Hibbs, Brunette the Label, and Smash+Tess

What advice do you have for anyone starting their own business? 

To not be afraid to take a risk, but make sure it’s a smart risk ;) and to do something you are passionate about because it definitely makes the challenging times easier…and more enjoyable.

Tell us what’s next? Any fun markets or events you will be at? 

 Our online store will be launching soon...stay tuned! 


Keirstin and Britt Feltan 

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xx Sarah