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This week's boss babe spotlight is with Katrina Brcic the owner + artist at Lift Permanent Makeup. She changed careers while living in sunny California with her cute family! Katrina is proof that you can flip the switch on careers no matter where you're at in life! Hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I have.

 First off tell us about yourself! 

Hello, my name is Katrina Brcic, I am the Owner/Artist at Lift Permanent Makeup in Orange County, California.  Wife, Mom, entrepreneur and beauty enthusiast, that pretty much sums me up!  Originally from Vancouver BC, I am an Interior Designer turned Permanent Makeup Artist. 
I love getting up every day to help people feel great about themselves. Nothing makes me happier than seeing how I've been able to boost a woman’s confidence through my work.

How did you get into your line of work?

My journey with permanent makeup started as a client in 2005.  My skinny, thin, overplucked eyebrows were transformed by Linda Olner in White Rock, BC.  I will never forget how I felt after my treatment, I was so grateful for her and the ease that it brought to my life – no more long hours in front of the mirror penciling in my eyebrows.

Linda treated me well and made me feel so comfortable, I always wanted to thank her for the life-changing experience she gave me.  I went back years later to see her but sadly she had retired, I would love to see her one day and tell her how much of an influence she had on me.  It was her energy that sent me down this path, my experience with her was everything.

What’s your WHY?

I want you to feel the same way I did in 2005.  I want your life to be easy again.  Waking up every morning and not having to waste precious time is a game changer.

I believe permanent makeup should be used to bring out each women's natural beauty. Less is more in my eyes, I always strive for a natural look.  That’s what I have created for myself and what I want for you.

Did you always see yourself being your own boss? And what’s your favorite part of answering to yourself?

Yes!  I’ve always wanted, and I’ve always imagined myself to have my own business.   I have worked all over the world in various positions, my original passion was Interior Design.  What frustrated me about this industry was the inability for me to have artistic freedom, I was always required to conform to others preferences.   There is also the plus side of setting my own schedule and making my own business decisions, whether they are right or wrong!

What has been the biggest challenge for you so far? And how did you learn from it?

Not being from Orange County has meant I have had to build a network of clients from nothing.  My husband, daughter and I moved from Hong Kong in 2015 and with none of us being from here, we know very few people.   This has meant I have had to be very creative and persistent with my marketing.  While I am very proud of the work I do, I still have a long way to go in order to build up my network of clients, a challenge I am taking on with all my energy.

What boss babe do you look up to?

 I’ve recently started following Jenna Kutcher, photographer, and host of Goal Digger Podcast.  She has taught me so much about owning my own brand.  She’s brilliant and easy to relate to.

Jenna is a great boss babe to check out, she offers a lot of free and paid resources for female entrepreneurs.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I have a huge passion for this industry, and I feel it has only just begun.  I would like to think there are new methods and treatments out there that could further help people with their daily lives.  I see myself as being part of this, to be a pioneer in this field.   

I would also love to own my own clinic and teach others to be experts in this field.

Alright, now some fun stuff...

 What is your favorite junk food?

CHIPS!!  Any flavor, my weakness for sure!

What is your favorite trend of the season?

Honestly, I don’t follow trends.  I wear what feels goods and what grabs my attention.  My favorite items that I like to splurge on our shoes and hats, I never have enough!

Where is your favorite place to travel?

London, England.  I lived there for 2 years in my early twenties and I definitely left my heart in that city.  The architecture stops me in my tracks, the fashion is inspiring, the restaurant scene is incredible, the markets, the music…the list goes on!  My favorite thing to do in London grabs a coffee and go for a long walk – getting lost in the side streets is my ultimate bliss.  I’m a city girl and this part of the world ticks all the boxes.

Last thoughts or insights?

If you think it’s too late to start a new career, think again!  I was 34 when I made the decision to move into the permanent makeup industry.  In our thirties, we have enough experience to know what we want and enough clarity to know what motivates us.  If you feel strongly about something, follow your heart and go for it!

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Have a great weekend ladies + gents! 

xx Sarah