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This week boss babe spotlight is on Meli! Who's Meli you ask?

This bad ass babe has been running her own blog Everything Meli and just recently opened up her own store Blush by Meli! How exciting hey? We have never met in person but became Instagram friends a couple years ago. That is what is what I love about the Instagram platform is being able to connect with awesome ladies just like her! Our brands complement each other perfectly so stay tuned for a collab project coming soon... hopefully... lol..! 

Hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I have! 

First off tell us about yourself?

Myself? Gee, I am not the best at this one! LOL! Well, my name is Melani but most people know me as Meli! I am from a super small town in northern British Columbia and am actually in the process of moving provinces! I have been married for the last year and have loved every minute of it! Who said marriage isn’t fun? Along with being married and all the fun stuff, I am also a blogger! You can usually find me over on my blog Everything Meli, which is actually where I met Sarah! Along with blogging I have just expanded my horizon and opened an online clothing boutique with affordable fashion for the everyday girl! I guess you could say I like to keep busy! So yea, that’s me! Just a girl on the go who has a love for pretty pink things and meeting other babes like Sarah! 

When did you get into blogging? and why?

I got into blogging just a little under two years ago. It was after I found my life was missing something! It was missing a place where I could be me and connect with ladies who are passionate about the same things I am! I guess you could say I needed a creative outlet! Not going to lie, at first it was super intimidating but I am so glad I took the leap of faith!

What is your favourite thing about blogging and representing brands? 

Oh gosh, this could be a long one! My favourite thing about blogging is the community! I had no idea when I first started out that there was such a huge community behind and around blogging! It’s like one big family. If you have questions, need help or just want someone to brainstorm with, there's always a lady or two out there ready to talk! I have surprisingly made a huge friend group of like-minded ladies who are honestly more supportive than people who have come and gone in my life! Who knew there was such a lovely bunch of women surrounding blogging!

My favourite part about representing brands is working with the brands I truly trust! This is not the case for every blogger but for me, I only desire to work with brands I truly believe in. I also have a huge love for working with little brands and shops located in Canada. I adore sporting local, and blogging is one way I can share local shops that not everyone may know about! It’s all about sharing the love in my mind!

Alright now onto your new adventure!

What made you switch gears and start your own shop?

After working the last three years in retail I decided that maybe I should try something new! I have a love for social media and am a huge online shopper, so it just kinda clicked! Like, girl, you love fashion, you love to shop, so what are you waiting for! It was kind of random but I have always wanted something fun to do on the side that would not only keep me busy but maybe one day have enough income to let me stay at home!

What is your overall brand story with Blush by Meli? Is it an extension to your blog aesthetic?

Blush By Meli is totally an extension of my blogs aesthetic! I have always had a love for pink and I guess I just brought that from my life into my blog and then into the store!

While I was designing Blush I kept three fundamental things in mind: my love for pastel colours, trying to incorporate every body shape and size, and how hard it can be to find pretty pink things at a reasonable price! I had previously spent the last three years working in retail so I knew that fashion and helping people find new pieces to add to their closet was something that interested me! So those few things came together and here we are today with a new shop that I am extremely passionate about!

Are you still going to continue with your blog or merge them together?

Yes! I have taken a little break from writing my weekly posts on Everything Meli to get the shop up and running! As you would know an online boutique is a lot of work! With opening the shop and moving, I have had to juggle my time and unfortunately, blogging has taken a back seat! But once life settles down I plan on kicking it up and sharing more posts about fashion, life, and my new home! I also plan on writing blog posts for the shop! I want to make them more about the shop, where it plans on expanding and fun things coming up for every season. I might one day intertwine the two but for now, I think I’m gonna leave them somewhat separate.

What boss babes do you look up to and find inspo from?

One of the boss babes I look up to most is my mom! She’s not famous or a blogger, but she’s one kick butt boss babe! She is one person I have always looked up to! If it wasn’t for her and all her lessons I would not be anywhere near where I am today! But I also have a huge love for Jillian Harris, like come on, that women are so inspiring and super cute! So those two are my number ones!

Now for some fun ones! 

Where is your favourite travel destination?

This one might be a tie between Disneyland and Hawaii! I love both of those places so much! However, Hawaii does hold a special place in my heart because that is where I got married!  Either or, I wouldn’t turn down a trip to either!

What is your favourite food and your least favourite?

My favourite food…. hmmm I would have to say ask my husband! LOL! He says candy and I have to back him up on that one! Wait, is candy even a food? Since I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I’m gonna say it is! I’m a sucker for some sour keys or soap candy!

My least favourite food would be mushrooms… ugh! I want to like them but the texture just gets to me.

Do you have any fun plans for the summer? 

Move! Not exactly the most fun event but it’s a new adventure I can't wait to indulge in! I also want to do some exploring around our new town and maybe find some little markets to take part in!

Last thoughts or insights?

Well, I just want to say thank you so much for including me in this new segment! I have a huge love for ladies who want to support other boss babes so things like this make my heart extra happy! Oh and to all you ladies out there… go for what you want and don’t let anything stop you! Dreams can come true you just got to start somewhere!



I hope everyone has a great long weekend! I am aiming to take Saturday and Sunday off but knowing me I will probably sneak some work in... life of an entrepreneur! 

xx Sarah