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Hello all my jewelry loving babes!

I made it! I just past 3 weeks since having the cutest little boy! I still can’t get over I had a part in bringing this sweet little human into the world. Since giving birth and going through an intense labour journey I had this grandiose plan of writing an epic blog post. But as I sit here and try to articulate myself my baby brain is taking over so I may just do a mini photo gallery.

Without getting into too much detail 2017 started off on a not so good note with my family and my partner Geoffrey’s family as well. My dad has been fighting a battle with cancer since December and the strength he shows is nothing short of amazing. He has finished up radiation but his journey continues as everyday is still a struggle but as everyday passes he is 1 day closer to feeling better. My mom has been an amazing caregiver and their love for each other continues to inspire me.

On the other side of Geoff’s and I family unfortunately his mom fell quite sick as well since the new year and we lost her in March. Geoff being an only child we were excited for her to be a gramma with the birth of her first grandchild. We were really hoping she would make it till May to meet our little man but we know now he has a guardian angel watching over him.

On the lighter side of things on May 9th after an interesting labour which I won’t even get into Ethan Van Geoffrey Ballance entered the world! Everyone always says there is no love like the love of your own child which is 100% correct. We are relishing in all the newborn cuddles right now and I can’t believe this cute little human is all ours.

Below is a photo gallery of our maternity shoot which I never got a chance to post due to everything that was going on. Also enjoy Ethan’s photoshoot which happened at the hospital 3 days after he was born! So happy we got those first few days captured.

Wish me luck as I enter mommy hood!

xoxo Sarah

maternity shoot by Britney Gill |

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