Hey 2018! January 02, 2018 18:19

What is in store for Earrings and Stuff? 

Wahoo first blog post of 2018! As I sit here on the second day of 2018 thinking about what direction I want my brand to go I actually have no idea, to be honest?! Do I keep doing what I'm doing? Do I start carrying local designers and veer away from ordering overseas? How can I use my business to give back to a social cause? Why do you choose to buy from me and not, for example, Bauble Bar? Do I start to really concentrate on my silversmithing or is that unrealistic if I want to take my store to the next level? Also being a new mom it's not like I have endless free time anymore.. lol.. so see I feel like I'm in a state of uncertainty.

This holiday season was definitely my busiest between pop-ups and markets. I was able to test where my business sits in the market. I am at the point now where I have taken it as far as I can with my skill set and need help on the back end of things which is pricy let me tell you! I mean you do get what you pay for so the money would make its way back to me eventually. But another question do you guys think my site is ready for that? What do I need to improve on? Please help!

Geoffrey and I are making our vision boards for 2018 soon so I am in the goal setting mindset and would love an outsider perspective.

Also, I got a big bag of stock sitting in my office that I can't wait to shoot for you this week!

Please comment below or shoot me an email (sarah@earringsandstuff.com) I really do want to hear from you!

Xx Sarah