It's that time again.... time for a REAL TALK! May 26, 2018 10:31 2 Comments

oh wow… whoops…

I just realized I never did a blog post this week?! I have been making it my goal to stay on top of posting on the blog at least once a week. That is why I started introducing my boss babe interview series as a way to elevate some of the workloads, to be honest, plus I love connecting with all the other badass ladies out there!

So what should I discuss today? Well, I feel like I actually have a lot to get off my chest…. not that much but you know more like a verbal brain dump. I have been struggling to keep up with all aspects of my business as of late. I love love love making jewelry as I just got into silversmithing this past year but I just don't have enough time it seems. I have all the equipment, tools, supplies etc just sitting in my office staring at me… all that money I spent on stuff I haven't been able to produce. I had dreams of making a summer capsule collection, I have all the designs on paper and in my head but seeing how it is May 26th guess I am a little behind (insert the cross-eyed emoji). Being a new mom, partner, waitressing again 2 nights a week, running social accounts for other businesses and my own has pretty much all caught up with me. That being said I am very happy with the aesthetic of my brand and how everything looks but at the same time I am still struggling with sales, SEO knowledge and all the other online marketing stuff that costs a lot. 

So that's why I wanted to pop on here and ask you guys, my audience! What do you think I need to improve on? What am I doing wrong? My ultimate goal would be to have a steady stream of sales so then, in turn, I would have to work so many jobs and I have would more time to make pieces. Or do you think I should forage on the way I am going and maybe try to carry other makers lines? Curate a bunch of local collections and add in my own stuff when I actually get around to making it?

Also, side note at the end of June I will be having a pop up with 2 other brands put on by a PR Company we are working with. I am so excited about this event as I love working in a store environment and connecting with my customers! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! And please comment below or send me a DM on Instagram. I really do want everyone's opinion good and bad! The only way to improve is working on my mistakes.

xx Sarah