Snapchat VS Instagram Stories

Will you be using both? 

Alright so this may not be a long post but I want to know where everyone’s head is at on this whole instagram stories vs snapchat business. So I have been a fan of snapchat for a while now, I love how you can personally send snaps to people, some stuff is just meant for your bestie yah know or for your story. With instagram introducing a story feature I never know where to post my stories now. On the one hand I have more of a following on instagram but on the other hand I also like to keep it og and rock out snapchat. Not to mention the filters on snapchat are on point. I feel like I’ve been cheating on snapchat the past few days for using insta stories. Everyone else seems to be doing the same but heres my question are they snap chatting too? What a funny world we live in now where I am actually writing blog post on what story video feature to use.. lol! On that note let me know your thoughts are below on the ever changing social media world!


xoxo Sarah

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