table for 3! November 07, 2016 14:47 1 Comment

Baby on board!

I am very happy to announce that my main squeeze Geoffrey and I are expecting our first child in May! After 10 years + of being the two of us I cannot wait to see what kind of munchkin we make. After the excitement of it all now comes with the reality of motherhood setting in. I have been working hard at making Earrings + Stuff successful for almost 3 years now for this very moment coming in May. To be able to work from home would be my ideal scenario. If you have been following me along for bit you know that I have been serving full time for many years, which has been the perfect career to focus my attention on my side hustle. The downside of being a server for so long means that my maternity leave is less then ideal especially living downtown in an expensive city. So now it is go time! I need to really get out there and be more aggressive in growing my brand. Starting your own business is an uphill battle that I am learning never seems to feel settled. So here is to the next 7 months of killing out there as a boss babe until my entire world gets turned up side down, for the better of course!

Hope you all follow me on my new journey! Also I am always open for any advice or tips so please fill me in on any info you know I need.