The Friday Five | Vacation is good for the soul! August 04, 2017 15:12

The Vacation Edit |

After taking a 2-week hiatus from my Friday five series I figured the first one back should be about why taking vacations + traveling is good for the soul!

1 | Mixes up the monotony

I don’t know about you but the older I get the more I feel like I blink my eyes and another year passes. Being able to get away allows us to break up the monotony of everyday life. Who wants to be doing the same thing day in day out? What a snooze fest that is! Even heading out of town for a night mixes things up enough to make monday morning not so mundane.

2 | The finer things

Who doesn't love delicious food + beverages? One of my favourite things about going away is eating! Whether you're dining out or making food at your vacation home, cabin or campground food is good for the soul. And for me red wine is my vice it just warms my heart!

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3 | Allows you to re-focus

Stepping away from your business, job, mom life, career whatever you have going on allows you to re-group. Especially for me always trying to get those creative juices going on creating content, thinking of photoshoots + making jewelry this is very important. Not being hyper focused every so often lets me see things in a different way resulting in productivity.

4 | Go play outside

Breathing in that fresh air + taking in those rays is an instant mood booster. Being from the west coast we are lucky enough to have gorgeous views close to home. Having just returned from Whistler those mountain views while relaxing at the lake just can’t be beat! The best part about relaxing outside? It’s free! The cheapest entertainment with the biggest return…. happiness!

5 | Take in those little things

If you have been following me for a bit you may have read my post last week about stopping to smell the roses. Well, that post was inspired by my last jaunt out of town. Vaca life lets you really be able to take in all those little moments! Being a new mom I have lots of new memories to take in so perhaps that’s all my focus right now but I think for everyone taking time away from our phones + computers is essential in this social media driven society.

With that I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend + takes time for themselves with their loved ones!

xoxo Sarah