Time for a PIVOT.... August 09, 2018 11:32 1 Comment

kind of....

As I sit here starting to write this blog post I am still not entirely sure what I am going to write about but I need to get my thoughts out. I feel like I am in the middle of a pivot but I can't seem to commit either way? I am in a transition phase of my life right now just coming out off  maternity leave while finding my way back into the workforce. I have been working on Earrings and Stuff for about 4 years now and have come so far but it does not pay the bills yet..! I know "they" say whoever "they" are that it takes at least 5 years to really grow your brand and business. I am coming up too soon so will I get there?

Here comes the PIVOT I have started working in social media management which I am enjoying immensely. I love working with businesses to create a visual story collaborating on taking their brand to next level. I guess you could say I am paying the bills with Earrings and Stuff then since it was my resume in the end. I know this is just the life of an entrepreneur but lately, I feel all over the place! I have my summer sale going on which should be ending but I haven't had time to do product shots on the new pieces I got in and or make all the designs I have in my mind. I already have a few amazing things in for Fall and have started working on my minimal capsule collection I want to launch ASAP. So it's like do I close my store for a month to really get my butt in gear, or change the prices and take down stuff that I will no longer carry so there is a limited stock list? I can't imagine not posting about Earrings and Stuff for a bit, it has been my whole life for ages and I am finally happy with how my brand looks. I know moving forward I definitely don't want to close my store just scale back a bit if I'm heading into this new career field. My favourite part about my business is picking out jewelry, making it, hosting parties for the girls, helping brides pick out their jewels, being involved in collab shoots, taking product shots but there is never enough time for it all! So basically I am at a point where I don't know if my time is better spent taking a few online classes to brush up my skill set for social media management or finally finish my Pinterest course I'm taking from Jenna Kutcher for Earrings and Stuff or spend one week doing one then one week doing the other? See I'm all over the map or am I just like every other entrepreneur trying to figure it all out? 

Regardless I love everything I am doing but sometimes all the work is so overwhelming and I would love to just chill. In just under 2 weeks we are going on a family trip with all our friends to Osoyoos so I am hoping when I get back from there I will have a bit more focus and a game plan with E & S. In the meantime continue enjoying my sale! 

Thanks for listening! 

xx Sarah