Time to stop + smell the roses! July 26, 2017 19:34 1 Comment

My new reality... which I am loving btw! 

Last week I took a step back from running my business while figuring out this whole being a new mom thing which I am so in love with! Being a mom has even more amazing than I ever imagined. Anyways back to the subject at hand I went out on the open road with my 10 week old little man and one of my good friends who's also expecting... babies everywhere it seems! And yes I made Geoffrey (my main squeeze) be away from his newborn son for 5 days... he was quite sad about that but hey I have to take advantage of being on maternity leave. We ventured out of the big smoke to the quaint town of Revelstoke up in northern British Columbia. The reason for heading up there? While my other good girlfriends also gave birth recently! We obviously wanted to meet her cute little girl + visit with the new momma!

So here I was with these grandiose plans to edit this, post this, write this and well I did none of it! As I had a moment to sit back and visit with my ladies I realized wow I have been go go go since labour + recovery. Earrings + Stuff is my passion also being the thing I'm hoping will let me stay at home. That being said it takes up all of my free time which I know as they say owning + running your business is working a 80 hour work week to leave the 40 hour work week. Before my free time was a bit easier to take away from because it was either have that next beer or work on my business. But now between family time, cuddling, nursing, cleaning, cooking, all the mom things which I do get heaps of help with things need to change a bit. I realized after being away that I need to set out scheduled hours of certain days to work on the business. If not I will forever be working on it with all my free time and have no time to stop and smell the roses really taking in this special time with my new family. 

So that’s my food for thought today. Hope everyone is had a great day!

xoxo Sarah