Tourist in my own town.... August 10, 2016 14:02

How do you disconnect? | 


Wow the last couple weeks I have really been able to let my hair down and be a tourist in my own city. It all started a few Monday’s ago when I decided to take a break from it all by having a classic Vancouver day biking the seawall, hitting up the beach and of course taking photos. With summer in full swing it’s hard to have some me time. Serving full-time on a patio while running my online store paired with the commitments that come with summer season it was defiantly nice to turn off from it all! A quick few days after my biking day it was my mans 30th so we had a staycation for 5 days! We really killed it out there, we hit up Spanish banks a few times, socialized with friends and took a break from the grind. So now that brings me last week where I felt refocused and motivated to get back at it! Being able to reflect and realize how important it is to enjoy the little things in life is priceless. I feel as an entrepreneur this is especially crucial, the up’s and downs are enough to drive anyone crazy. No matter what success you have those moments of doubt are the worst. If everyone could try to take a day, an afternoon even 20 minutes to disconnect, breath in and take a moment guaranteed you will feel lighter with a positive vibe! Just a little food for thought for y’all. How do you guys disconnect?

Enjoy my gallery below! 

xoxo Sarah