What to write... what to write? February 16, 2018 13:40 1 Comment


As I sit here on Friday morning trying to get the ideas flowing to write my latest blog post which truthfully should have been done yesterday, I have hit a block. That is why they say to schedule things out so you don’t have what I have right now….sitting in front of a blank screen thinking where to start. You see I have taken those scheduling steps and I wanted to write a post on how to clean your jewelry. But as I started my research I see there are heaps of articles on this online so how can I make mine any different? Is there a point? Lol, I think I’m just having one of those entrepreneur days were you just can't be asked and feeling discouraged. Wah wah.. so to lighten the mood I thought I would share some of my favourite travel photos from the year before baby E was born. Taking a step back and looking back at all the amazing trips really puts things into perspective on not sweating the small stuff. I didn’t realize how therapeutic looking back at memories is.… if your feeling like you need a boost whip open that photos album!

Comment below and let me know what you would love to read about and where your fav place to travel is!

Happy Friday loves! Hope you enjoyed my photo gallery today.

xx Sarah