Where did the time go?! June 25, 2018 09:49

And just like that, it happened again... 

Here, I am thinking I am staying on top of writing my blogs and then whoops almost another month passes. 

Since freshly coming off a trip to Mexico with my man and baby E (well he's not really a baby anymore) I thought a post about my top 5 essentials for travelling with a baby would be helpful for anyone planning a trip with their baby to a foreign country. 

1. Bringing our main stroller we use at home the Uppababy Cruz was a game changer for us. It saved us around the resort giving Ethan a sense of something that reminded him of home. He napped in it during the day (unless he was super toasty then we went back to AC room). In the evenings (most nights) he would also fall asleep in it for a few hours so we were able to have drinks with our group which was obviously ideal! 

2. Box of purees! For Ethan yes he eats regular food and the buffet did make it super easy but it was awesome to have those on hand for snack purposes, especially on the plane and bus transfer to resort. I took a box of 12 and the last day or two we definitely had to portion them out.  

3. Wipeable bib! Full disclosure I forgot ours in the dishwasher before leaving so I know how essential it would have been to have. I ended up only having 6 cloth bibs and let's just say with eating out 3-4 times a day at the resort they got super grimy. Since the water in Mexico isn't the best I couldn't really wash them. 

4. The carrier! Also a must for the airport and transfer. Ethan isn't walking yet so once we checked our stroller into the Ergo 360 he went. We also were able to get him to snooze (well only for about 30 mins lol) on the plane. 

5. Huge Beach Bag! (I bought the jean colour) I love love love this beach bag I scooped up before leaving. Obviously, it is not specific for baby but let's just say it holds ATON and when your travelling with a baby that is a must. I used it as our carry on and with all the pockets on the outside, it was the bag that just kept on holding stuff! 

There you have it my Mexico packing roundup! Shoot me a message if you have any other questions about travelling with a baby! 

xoxo Sarah