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Well, just like that summer is here! I also realized that I have not written a blog post in a while, guess I have been too busy living, lol! So much has been happening at Earrings + Stuff the past month. I have been travelling lots finding inspiration every step of the way but struggling with having the time to do it all. Running my own business has been quite challenging so far this summer. Like many entrepreneurs out there building my dream is my #1 but unfortunately paying the bills is also my #1. How does one find the time for everything while still getting to enjoy what life has to offer out there? I heard one of the Sharks on Shark Tank say that many entrepreneurs work 80 hours a week trying to achieve that 40 hour work week working for themselves, sounds familiar? Navigating my way through this whole work life balance has been a bit blurred lately. Running my business solo like many others out there does anyone feel like there is never enough time for everything?? From creating product, taking photos, editing, thinking of these blog posts to packaging + shipping orders, I have this constant feeling of doing everything half assed, does anyone else feel this way? I guess this post turned into a bit of therapy session for me! Shout out to all my entrepreneurs out there who my also have the same constant thoughts, you are not alone. On that note I’m out.

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far.

Xx Sarah

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